JACKALOPES AND WOOFEN-POOFS by Angel MartinezJackalopes and Woofen-poofs by Angel Martinez
Series: Offbeat Crimes #5
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The Seventy-Seventh Precinct in Philadelphia is manned by unique officers to say the least.  They are also the ones called upon by the city when strange or unexplained events or creatures are found.  For instance, Officer Alex Wolf began life as an actual wolf.  Yes, a wolf who was cursed to become human.


Life as a human still sometimes stumps the one time wolf, but Alex is doing his best to cope. Plus, he’s head over heels in love with ACO Jason Shen and the feelings are mutual. Jason is well aware of Alex’s past.  The biggest bump in their romance is Jason’s own family who don’t approve of his sexuality and they refuse to accept his feelings for the officer.


The unusual nature of the precinct‘s calls has unfortunately brought them to the attention of State Paranormal, a pretentious group at best.  Butting their noses in they’ve sent vampire Captain Valbuena to oversee the squad room.


A recent sighting of jackalopes which were thought to be nothing more than hoax animals has Alex and the ACO scrambling to capture the creatures.  The officer has his hands full attempting an adult relationship with Jason, catching jackalopes, and dealing with the vampire Captain’s interest in him.  Dealing with his lover’s jealousy is something Alex has never had to handle in the past.  It was definitely much simpler to be a wolf.


Expect the unexpected as Jackalopes and Woofen-Poofs take center stage in book five of the absolutely entertaining Offbeat Crimes series.  Magic and mayhem are mixed up in this wild romantic drama where anything and everything unusual can happen.  The imaginative character driven storyline is utterly captivating.  Jackalopes and Woofen-Poofs is a great addition to a most definitely original kind of series.  The real romance between Alex and Jason grounds this plotline perfectly.  It’s a crazy ride so strap in and enjoy a most delightful time.  Can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.

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