JACOB’S LADDER by Bianca D’Arc

JACOB’S LADDER by Bianca D’Arc
Jacob's Ladder
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: String of Fate #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Ria has spent the majority of her life on the run and especially since her mother was killed.  Ria is the Nyx, the leader of her people, and one with a very special gift. Ria would love nothing more than to have the chance to be able to live a normal life and find someone to love, especially since her cousin and one of her royal guards recently mated to their one and only—something everyone hopes for.  However, today, once again, Ria is on the run for her very life and praying for a miracle.  Ria’s prayers seem to be answered when a ceiling tile suddenly opens up and a man she met months ago takes her to safety.


Jacob (“Jake”) is a human, but he knows all about the others who also live in his world.  Jake is part of a family who have some very real and strong gifts; Jake’s is that of a seer.  He has known for years that he would be meeting Ria and helping her somehow, and he has spent his entire adult life training in several ways to be ready when the time is right.  Months ago, Jake actually introduced himself to Ria and then left again as the time wasn’t right yet.  Now he knows that their time is here, and he is ready grab the future that has been teasing him for so long.


Ria isn’t sure about Jake at first. Yes, because her cousin mated with his sister, they are loosely connected, however, that does not mean she can trust him with all she is responsible for.  But is doesn’t take long for Ria to see just how special Jake is and to figure out just what they could be together if given the chance.  Jake is more than willing to risk his life to keep Ria safe, but he would prefer to take-out the danger surrounding Ria without losing his life.  A powerful enemy to not only Ria, but all the shifters and Others, the Venifucus, is about to up the ante.  Ria and Jake might not be able to totally disrupt the Venifucus’ plans, but they are both determined to take out the part that is threatening them right now.  When the showdown happens, just who will come out on top, and will Jake and Ria finally have the chance to explore the love that sprang up between them?


When a determined man finally gets to be with the woman of his dreams, woe be to the people who try to harm her. Jake and Ria prove just how right this statement is in Jacob’s Ladder.  I have to say that Jake definitely made an entrance when he finally came after Ria, and what timing!  I also wondered at first, as did Ria, just what Jake could do as a human, even if he was a seer.  But then I saw just how Jake had prepared himself for his life with Ria and what would be needed.  I loved how it didn’t take long for Ria and Jake to become a strong and loving team and how others instantly accepted them both as a strong couple and leaders.  Ria and Jake might have had a totally unusual and fast courtship, but that is one strong and loving couple in anyone’s eyes who follows their story.  Jacob’s Ladder is fast-paced and full of suspense and danger, yet there is a wonderful overlay of passion and friendship, which kept me turning the pages as fast as possible.

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