JAEGER by Evelise Archer

JAEGER by Evelise ArcherJaeger by Evelise Archer
Series: Order of the Black Knights
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Centuries ago Jaeger was nothing more than a starving peasant resentful of his lord and the heir.  A stranger came to him with an offer of revenge and a new life.  Jaeger accepted.  He didn’t know that he was condemning himself to a never ending life of death and rebirth, a curse with no memory of his folly each time he returned.  Jaeger has no way of knowing with each rebirth the curse strengthens.


U.S. Marshall Jaeger Tripp is becoming more disgusted with his job.  The Witness Protection Program is nothing more than an ‘out’ for criminals as far as he’s concerned.  As long as the criminal has something to squeal about they get a fresh life, never mind their own guilt.


The latest assignment involves a book keeper for the infamous Rincorn cartel based in Mexico.  Wren O’Riley is the nephew of the current leader and insists he deals solely with legitimate business.  He couldn’t look the other way however after witnessing the murder of the Chino cartel leader.


It’s up to Marshall Tripp to keep Wren alive long enough to testify against his uncle which will be easier said than done.  Criminals are coming out of the woodwork looking for Wren and Jaeger suspects there’s someone within the Program who’s turned traitor.  On the run, unable to trust anyone Jaeger and Wren must rely on each other to survive.  They certainly don’t have time to explore what’s happening between them.


An action packed, deadly adventure unfolds in Jaeger.  The gritty, dark story has a fierce plotline and complex characterizations.  Sexual tension and threats from all sides go hand in hand as Jaeger and Wren grow closer.  The Marshall’s long buried past adds another layer to the twisting tale too.  Jaeger is much more than a dangerous road trip romance, much more indeed

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