JAKE’S THIEF by A. C. Katt

JAKE’S THIEF by A. C. Katt
Jake's Thief
by A. C. Katt

Series: Indiscreet #8
Published by MLR Press Genres: BDSM, MM
Source: Publisher


Raised in foster homes and then a group home as a teen, Davey Howell never got a break.  There wasn’t a helping hand or someone in his corner.  Nevertheless he graduated at the top of his class and became a paralegal for a successful law firm.  When his boss decides to go on sabbatical Davey is blindsided by the partner’s hatred for his boss who fire him without references.  Down to his last twenty and no prospects in sight hunger propels Davey to stupidity.


Genuinely happy his friends found their perfect submissive Jake Cohen would do just about anything to find someone for himself.  The situation’s gotten so bad that Jake is willing to ask his friend’s submissive club to help him find a partner in the lifestyle.


Apparently fate’s listening to Jake’s inner plea because a bungling pickpocket ironically turns out to be exactly right.  The thief will be the perfect partner for him in the BDSM lifestyle and professionally since Jake is an elite lawyer in NYC.  Now that Jake’s found his own submissive he figures the least the sub club can do is convince Davey.  With the sub club’s perfect record for love matches it’s easy.  At least it should be…


The eighth installment in the popular Indiscreet series features another exciting tale to enjoy in Jake’s Thief.  This time out a lonely Dom finds his other half in a quiet paralegal pickpocket.  Misunderstandings and naïve mistakes have Jake and Davey stumbling and falling before they find happiness together.  Fans of the series will love the return of the sub club and their Dom partners.  Unfortunately it is a big stretch to accept the outcome of their initial meeting.  A sub and Dom pairing, plus a lawyer and a paralegal makes it almost too neat and tidy.  Having said that Jake and Davey’s romance works, the BDSM is very light, and the humor is top notch.  All in all Jake’s Thief is pleasurable read.

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