JAX by Kym Grosso

JAX by Kym GrossoJax by Kym Grosso
Series: Immortals of New Orleans #7
Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
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Katrina Livingston is the daughter and sister of Alphas.  It is no wonder that she possesses dominant she-wolf characteristics and it is very difficult for her to ask for help.  In spite of this, while on the run from demonic forces that are trying to steal her wolf, the only person that she can turn to is the Agrestis Wolves Alpha, Jax Chandler.  Who just happens to be her mate…the same mate that she has been avoiding for over a year for fear the magic that has infected her will cause him physical harm.


Jax Chandler is out for blood.  He is determined to find and eliminate the lead scoundrel who kidnapped and tortured him.  While escaping from his torturous event, Jax rescues another captive who just happens to be Kat Livingston – whom he believes to be his mate.  With a scorned past wedged between them, will Jax and Kat be able to put their differences aside in order to destroy the evil predator that is determined to steal their wolves?  But, more importantly, can their love survive without trust.


Whereas, I found Jax to have a good storyline with thrilling action, something is still missing that does not totally capture me like the preceding novels within this series.  Do not get me wrong, Kym Grosso continues to deliver the spine-tingling ambiguity and intense sexual tension between the hero and heroine in her amazing writing style.  Yet, my desire to finish this read as quickly as possible was not there.  Nevertheless, I adore the dominant Alpha personalities of Kat and Jax.  As you can imagine, it leads to some steamy sexual encounters and fascinating, robust dialogue.  The suspense behind the abductions is an attention-grabbing mystery with the need to discover the whys.  Overall, Jax is a satisfactory read and I eagerly look forward to Ms. Grosso’s next installment in the Immortals of New Orleans series.

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