JERRICHO’S FREEDOM by Jake C. WallaceJerricho's Freedom by Jake C. Wallace
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The Anzuni hide in plain sight among the humans with no one the wiser.  Their history tells them of a time when they were slaves to another demon race before they fled the dimension and settled on a safer home with humans.


Jerricho has spent his life rebelling against the future mapped out for him since birth. When he turns twenty-five in a mere ten months Jerricho will take his father’s place as the crown Prince of the Anzuni demon race, marry the demon picked by his parents, and begin producing heirs.


Defying tradition ‘Jerry’ has a tiny apartment, a job at the library, and a multitude of tattoos.  Refusing his parent’s financial support Jerry also has a construction job thanks to his best friend Keith who’s also an Anzuni.  Lusting after human site foreman Rex Callaghan is a terrible temptation as Jerry is expected to be a virgin on his wedding night.


Visiting his parents Jerry is introduced to the man they’ve picked out for him who’s overbearing, pompous, and possibly abusive.  Jerry panic’s and does the unthinkable. It seems Rex has hid his feelings as well.  Jerricho wouldn’t take back that precious night with Rex for any amount of gold, but consequences must be faced.  The future of the Anzuni depends on it.  Unforeseen events send Jerry and Rex on a course of action they are ill prepared for.  They will need every ounce of strength and love for the chance at a life together.


Jerricho’s Freedom leads readers on a challenging journey of brutal survival and love.  An intricately woven plotline takes the spirited characters from one dangerous situation to another.  Jerry and Rex battle one obstacle after another in this masterful story.  With everything that’s thrown at the pair, they still manage to keep their love intact.  Jerry and Rex’s spirit triumphs in Jerricho’s Freedom.  This is a very emotional, sometimes chilling ride.  Hold on tight. Jerricho’s Freedom is definitely worth it.

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