JILTED by Kelly Jamieson

JILTED by Kelly JamiesonJilted by Kelly Jamieson
Series: Promise Harbor #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Shayna

The wedding’s off but the honeymoon is on...Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 1Devon can do this. She can show up at her ex-boyfriend Josh’s wedding, even though he’s marrying her ex-best-friend. She can show everyone she’s happy with her fabulous life in Boston, her great career, her amazing shoes — and she can show everyone she’s over him. Truth is, her life isn’t so fabulous. She’s just been downsized out of her job, her Jimmy Choos won’t pay her mortgage, and...she’s still heartbroken that Josh chose family over her. The real reason she’s enduring this wedding is that her next stop is nearby Greenbush Island, her last hope of finding a new job. Josh knows marrying long-time friend Allie will make everyone happy after the rough time their families have been through, and since the woman he really wanted to marry chose her career and big city life over him—why not? But the perfect wedding turns into a perfect disaster when Allie leaves him at the altar for another man. He never saw that coming! But hey, Devon’s there, offering to help him look for Allie on Greenbush Island, where he’d planned their honeymoon. Only, all they find there are their old feelings for each other and a temptation to risk their hearts one more time...Warning: This book contains a firefighter hot enough to ignite flames, a woman who doesn’t want to get burned again, a honeymoon suite but no honeymoon, and sex not on the beach (sorry).

Devon hasn’t been having the best month.  She’s just lost her job, she’s got an apartment in Boston filled with designer shoes that she can’t afford, and her former best friend is marrying the love of her life.  Devon has no desire to return to her hometown for Allie and Josh’s wedding, but doing so will enable her to put on a good front before she heads to nearby Greenbush Island to follow a lead on a job.  But her short stop in Promise Harbor takes an unexpected turn when Josh is left at the altar and he turns to Devon for help.

For the past year, Josh has put his loved ones’ happiness in front of his own, which is how he winds up at the altar, all set to marry his longtime friend, Allie.  Only instead of being married to a woman he cares about, Josh finds himself jilted.  He may not be heartbroken, but he is concerned about Allie, and he’s determined to look for her on Greenbush Island, where they were supposed to have their honeymoon.  When he asks Devon to help him search for Allie, Josh knows he’s playing with fire.  Devon broke his heart once, but he’s still not over her.  Could Josh’s disaster of a non-wedding actually be what leads him to happiness?

Kelly Jamieson kicks off the multi-author Promise Harbor Wedding quartet with the fast-paced Jilted.  I really liked the premise of the story, but I felt like the book ultimately fell short of the mark, thanks in large part to Josh being overly perfect, Devon’s character never fully coming alive for me, and the overuse of the distracting phrase “Jeebus Crust” (though I do recognize that the last element may not pull other readers out of the story like it did me).

What I really liked about Jilted was the dynamic between Devon and Josh for the first half of the book.  Ms. Jamieson did a great job of showing how natural the two of them are as a couple, while adding a healthy dose of realism in the awkwardness of two exes thrown together in an unusual situation.  Since much of their relationship is based on their shared history, I do wish we’d seen a bit more of said history to get a better sense of them as a couple before the sexual tension between them caused them to hit the sheets, thereby throwing the romance plotline into high gear.  I never got the feeling I understood why they were in love, other than being told they always were.

Jilted isn’t a bad book, but I’ve read other stories by Ms. Jamieson that I’ve liked a lot more.  That being said, even though Jilted wasn’t for me, I’m still looking forward to reading the rest of the Promise Harbor Wedding series.


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