JUMPING THE MOON by Swann WildeJumping the Moon by Swann Wilde
Series: Wolven of the Armak #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

Australia is home to the Armak Mountain range where the Wolven dwell.  The human population thrives on the other side of the magical Veil at the edge of the mountains.  Occasionally a shifter will secretly settle in a human township while humans must have permission to travel and trade within the Armak range.

As a young cub Karter knows that interaction with humans is frowned on, yet he cares for Mark, the son of a trader.  Over time they grow closer, unfortunately Karter’s father catches them together.  Karter is punished and Mark is banned from their side of the Veil.

Never truly forgetting his first love Karter begins to fall for a Wolven who resembles Mark, but Bane turns out to be nothing like the human.  He makes the mistake of angering Bane and pays a steep price.  Karter leaves the only home he’s ever known and travels through the Veil to settle in the human town of Oborn.  Even though it’s been many years when he runs into Mark they instantly recognize each other.  The bond they formed years ago is put to the ultimate test when the Wolven is threatened. 

 A Wolven of the Armak attempts to recapture lost love in Jumping the Moon which showcases innocent desire, dark cravings, and the truth of redemption.  Plenty of emotional highs and lows, as well as excitement and adventure, Karter never stops reaching for happiness and love.  The Wolven deals with a broken heart, desperate humiliation, and finally a fragile romance.  Sexual encounters are more implied than actually shown as Karter’s life unfolds.  There’s never a dull moment for this Wolven.


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