JUST THIS NIGHT by Mari Madison

JUST THIS NIGHT by Mari MadisonJust This Night by Mari Madison
Series: Exclusive Romance #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


To date I can honestly say I have never read a romance about a newsroom and Just This Night really jumped out at me from the beginning. I really loved the uniqueness of the plot.


Beth’s plan on getting over her ex is by finding a new man and after the incredible night they spend together she thinks just maybe that they could have something, but the next morning she wakes up and finds him gone. It’s for the best at least that’s what she tells herself but when her one night stand turns out to be her new colleague things get a little complicated, especially when they have to put aside their mutual attraction and work together. Even though Beth has her hands full with her new promotion there is something about Mac that pulls her in.


Jake aka Mac can’t stop thinking about the night he spent with Beth but he has his hands full with providing a stable home for his daughter. With Jake starting his new job he hopes everything will end up working out, but when he realizes his one night stand is his new co-worker he has to try to push his feelings aside, which only becomes more difficult when Beth comes to stay at his house. The closer she gets to him and his daughter the more he realizes that she might just be the one for him. But when somebody starts to sabotage Beth’s career he wonders if they can make it work or will the job always come first?


I really enjoyed Beth and Jake and the friendship that was forming between them after their one night together. Jake honestly was a good guy in wanting to help Beth with her problems which only made me like him that much more. Jake spent a lot of time fighting himself between wanting to do the right thing and what he wanted. I really loved the way Beth took to Jake’s little girl right away and she did it in such a friendly way I was glad that were becoming close.


Just This Night was a drama filled story that had a sabotaging co-worker, the return of an ex and a chemistry that is off the charts. Mari Madison shows depth and real emotion with her characters every step of the way. Once I started Just This Night I had trouble putting it down it was just that good. Ms. Madison had me rooting for Beth and Jake’s happily ever after from the beginning. I am really looking forward to reading more of the Exclusive Romance series and getting to know more about not only what happens behind the scenes in the newsroom but who the next couple will be. Mari Madison is an author to keep your eye on.

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