JUST ONE TOUCH by Maya Banks

JUST ONE TOUCH by Maya BanksJust One Touch by Maya Banks
Series: Slow Burn #5
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Jenna risks her very life in taking her chance to escape the religious cult that has owned her for the majority of her life.  It doesn’t matter to her that she is in rags and has no shoes, Jenna just knows that if she doesn’t escape now then her life really will be in worse danger and maybe even over.  Strong determination is the only thing forcing Jenna’s run to freedom.  It appears that the fates or God is with her when she not only escapes, but finds a way into the city.  However, Jenna knows that she has to find a way to get even farther away from the cult before she can risk relaxing or feeling in any way safe, but fate steps in once again and all but steals her chance to safely escape.


Isaac Washington is one of the long-time agents with Devereaux Security.  On the fateful day he meets Jenna, he discovers her trying to figure out how to steal his company SUV.  However, before he can capture the kid trying to take his vehicle, bullets begin to fly, and Isaac is hit hard.  Isaac can feel his body shutting down and dying when to his surprise, the woman (Jenna) touches him and heals not only his bleeding wounds, but also lightens his very soul.  Isaac has no idea who this woman is, but he knows that she just saved his life and gave up her only chance at escaping the people who are firing bullets.  Isaac convinces Jenna to take his SUV and run; It might seem odd, but Isaac knows that he can find his “angel” once back-up has arrived.


Jenna is in shock when Isaac tells her that he is going to protect her no matter what and stop the danger she is running from. Jenna can’t remember the last time anyone was nice or, heck, even thoughtful to her.  Isaac has instantly fallen for the beauty that Jenna has both on the inside and the outside, and now he faces the tough challenge of not only destroying the danger trying to take her, but also convincing Jenna that she can believe in his love.  Isaac is prepared to go lone wolf to make Jenna safe, but all of Deveraux Security is determined to help Isaac and put all of their resources behind making Jenna safe and protected.  As the truth about Jenna’s past slowly comes out, Isaac and the members of the team deal with their rage and disgust of how Jenna has been raised and abused. Once the team learns just who is behind this last ditch attempt to kidnap Jenna, Isaac and the entire team know just how deadly the danger really is.  Jenna has a hard time trusting anyone or anything after so many years of barely surviving. It seems that the fates aren’t quite done messing with Jenna or Isaac quite yet, but just when the chips are down, both of them learn just how much support and backing they really have.  When the dust settles, will Jenna and Isaac have the chance to explore their love, or will fate have dealt them a final and bitter blow that will separate them forever?


A man on a coffee run meets a desperate woman on the run just as danger explodes around them in Just One Touch.  I have often wondered when Isaac would get his story and just what type of extraordinary woman he would be matched up with.  By the end of their story, I felt that Jenna was the perfect match for Isaac.  However, I will say that as Jenna’s story and reactions unraveled, there were several times that I wasn’t sure if she would be a good match to Isaac.  I really enjoyed watching as not only Isaac, but the entire team, worked hard to show Jenna just how the world should function and that abuse was not the norm. I also enjoyed watching as Jenna began to accept that she was worthy of love and friendship.  The ending of the final battle is just icing on the cupcake of Jenna and Isaac’s journey—and one that I felt was very fitting.  I also enjoyed the brief glimpse of their future.  Just One Touch is full of the dynamic suspense that I have come to expect with the Slow Burn series, full of spine tingling danger, friends that have your back—no matter what and lots of soft passion.

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