Justice's Little Nibbler
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Wayne County Wolves #4
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Joining the local wolf pack was the smartest thing Justice and his motley family had done in a very long time.  One of the tiger shifter’s brothers was already mated to a pack member.  As for Justice, he’s got his eye on a cute little wolf with more energy than the battery bunny.

Hyper energetic Tyson was viciously kicked out and left for dead by his birth pack, worst of all his older brother was Alpha.  Rescued by Alpha Chris and his Alpha mate Cassie, Tyson would do anything for his new pack where he’s finally accepted for his sexuality.  He’s even found a career that feels right, contributing to the pack as a medic.

What the little wolf didn’t expect was to find a mate of his very own.  Tyson’s secretly lusted after Justice for a while, never knowing that his feelings are reciprocated.  Unfortunately, no sooner do they declare their mutual interest – all hell breaks loose.  One of Justice’s siblings is suspected of selling them out and a shifter from Tyson’s past stirs up ugly memories and threatens their future.  Warnings turn deadly before they know it.

Souls, damaged and scarred, yet still true in spirit find each other and their destine love in Justice’s Little Nibbler.  An outstanding blend of drama, suspense, and mystery is balanced with a surprisingly tender love story.  Of course the loving is hot and sensual, but it is their emotional ties that manage to come across best.  There is something for everyone here in Justice’s Little Nibbler.  Satisfying from start to finish.

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