KEEP ME SAFE by Maya Banks

KEEP ME SAFE by Maya Banks
Keep Me Safe
by Maya Banks

Series: Slow Burn #1
Published by Avon Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Caleb Devereaux will do anything for his family.  When his sister is taken, he searches out Ramie St. Claire to find her.  However, Caleb never realized what toll Ramie’s gift takes on her when she helps others.  Caleb believes Ramie is hiding, because she is being selfish and no longer wants to help people in desperate need.  When he realizes exactly what Ramie is up against, she soon falls under the category of ‘do anything for,’ and Caleb is caught up in more than just protecting this special woman.

Ramie St. Claire has a gift that doesn’t come for free.  She uses it to help the authorities locate missing people.  However, she touches on something darker and more sinister.  When this darkness feels her, it soon turns on her as the ultimate prize to achieve and will stop at nothing to possess her.  Forced into helping sexy Caleb Devereaux, Ramie soon finds herself on the run, brushing through another close call she reaches out to the deeply remorseful Caleb for help, but is it too late?

Keep Me Safe is a mind-bending, action-packed thriller that begins as it means to go on.  The chemistry between Caleb and Ramie keeps the story moving, however the love developed way too quickly for me.

The secondary characters filled out Keep Me Safe, but they seemed to be unable to stick with a feeling through the course of the tale.  I often questioned why they had flipped so quickly, but chalked it up to secondary roles that weren’t meant to be completely explained in Keep Me Safe.

There was a pivotal point that should have hiked the angst up in Keep Me Safe, yet it seemed to bring about questions that weren’t thoroughly answered for me.  It was more a very convenient element that felt out of place for me, because things like that could have occurred before, but didn’t.  Also at times, I felt that some vital characters weren’t completely fleshed out or explained, and they came across as cardboard individuals instead.  It was as though I jumped into the middle of a series that is not meant to be read as a stand-alone.  I would definitely not write Ms. Banks off, though, because her stories are usually very good!  This one just didn’t work for me.

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