Keeping Kaitlyn
by Anya Bast

Series: Mates of the Lycaon #1
Genres: BDSM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Kaitlyn Gannet has a pretty normal and boring life, going to work and spending time with her sisters.  All of the sisters have a tight bond due to their upbringing.  However, lately Kaitlyn has been experiencing something very different in her life – dreams of two extremely sexy and passionate men.  Both of these men are showing Kaitlyn just what passion mean in her dreams.  Now those dreams are affecting her waking hours. 

Lucas and Rafian have known for years that they will mate with the same woman, once they find her in the Earth realm.  In preparation of finding their mate, both Lucas and Rafian have learned English and as much about that world as possible.  After all, several mates have come from the Earth realm in the past.  Their world isn’t perfect. The Magica Hunters are hunting the Lycaon and their mates, determined to irradiate them from the world. Lucas has already lost his family to the hunters and he will do everything he can to keep Kaitlyn safe once she comes.  Rafian, with his love of BDSM, knows that if he can’t temper his needs for a while, he might lose the love that both he and Lucas dream of. 

Kaitlyn sees her dream men again and this time not only do they call her, but suddenly she is in an entire new world.  The attraction is even stronger now that Kaitlyn meets Lucas and Rafian.  Scared about being torn from the only world and family she has ever known, Kaitlyn isn’t sure that the feelings she has for her men is enough to risk all she knows.  Lucas and Rafian get Kaitlyn to agree to a short time to see if they can show her that staying and loving them would be worth the heartache of leaving her sisters forever.  All isn’t love and romance because the world that Lucas and Rafian live in has its own dangers.  As Kaitlyn learns about Lucas and Rafian and their world, families and what it would be like to stay – it’s getting harder and harder for Kaitlyn to imagine life without Lucas and Rafian in it.  However, can she stay knowing that her sisters will always wonder what happened to her, even for the greatest love she has ever known?

Distance does not matter when fate and love attract mates in Keeping Kaitlyn.  I could feel Lucas and Rafian’s angst at seeing their mate and yet not being able to touch her and then again when they can touch and love Kaitlyn but know she is horribly torn between staying with them as their mate and returning to her world and sisters.  Kaitlyn had to face the hardest of decisions and I was not surprised that it was an impossible choice between two loves – one of her mates and one of her family.  I was extremely happy when fate found a way to solve Kaitlyn’s dilemma and let all three mates have the happy ending that they all dreamed of at last.  Keeping Kaitlyn is a love story that will keep you on the tips of your toes and all but cause heartache with the turns as love and passion find a way to answer every wish of the three mates.

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