KELLEN’S AWAKENING by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

KELLEN’S AWAKENING by Bellora Quinn & Angel MartinezKellen's Awakening by Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn
Series: AURA #3
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The catastrophe at Berkley, where scientists experimented with tech and magic, caused Random Anomalous Events to periodically appear.  An Event resulted in beings of legend and myth to fall from their dimension into Earth’s reality.  Thus AURA was created – the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation – manned by human and others.


The NYC division of AURA is run by fae Captain Val Hartgrove whose human lover Quinn controls powerful magic.  At the moment members of the division are taking bets as to whether centaur Sergeant Ness and flighty incubus medic Sinistrus will last as a couple.  It’s a surprise to everyone that they’ve made it this long.  Apparently they truly do love each other.


Pixie Kellen is also on the medical team.  He’s a quiet loner who Sin loves to ruffle.  There’s something secretive about the pixie that rubs the incubus wrong.  He doesn’t have time to figure Kellen out right now because the Events are dropping more and more dangerous and powerful beings into this world.  Something strange is going on. Something worse than ever before.  Finding out whose responsible is the only way to stop the madness before someone dies.


The fantastic AURA series continues to deliver complex action packed, emotionally charged tales of love and adventure, death, and destruction.  Book three blazes forth with Kellen’s Awakening.  A clever blend of tender feelings and ruthless objectives bulldozes full steam ahead.  Kellen is the key to it all while Sin will become the catalyst.  Another AURA page turner, Kellen’s Awakening will have readers laughing and crying.  This series never disappoints.

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