KEPT by Maya Banks

KEPT by Maya BanksKept by Maya Banks
Series: Enforcers #3
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Hayley Winthrop is more than a struggling artist.  She is in New York and trying to fulfill her father’s last wish of her attending a prestigious music school.  While it was also her dream, Hayley never expected to fulfill this dream.  Hayley is struggling and working two jobs to pay the bills, because her father was taken-in by a life insurance salesman, and the money was all but nothing when Hayley went to claim the insurance policy.  Hayley has been house-sitting, but now is hunting for a decent apartment that she can afford.  In New York, that is all but impossible.  When the last lead she had turned out to be a bust, Hayley left the building and went to head home only to be stopped by the manager with news that there was an unexpected opening that she could afford.  Shocked, but so happy, Hayley snapped it up.


Silas Goodnight knows that he isn’t a good man by most definitions even though he is very good at his job as an enforcer for his boss.  Silas’ background has left him very cynical and distrusting of most of the world, yet when he sees a beautiful young woman leave his building all but in tears, his first impulse is to call the manager and find out what was the deal.  Then in an act that shocked not only his manager but also Silas, he quickly made an apartment available in his building and right next to his at an unbelievable rent.  Silas has lived pretty much alone and with no one around him, yet there was something about that woman that pulled at him and made him want to provide for and protect her.


Hayley learned that she had her neighbor and the owner of the building to thank for her new apartment, and she thanked him by baking for him.  What Hayley didn’t know was that every night when she practiced, she gave Silas a thank you in the gift of her music.  Silas and Hayley are slowly falling into a relationship and as Silas learns of why Hayley is working two jobs and is later hurt coming home one night, he makes sure that Hayley is not only made safe, but that she receives what should have always been hers.  However, Silas’ dark and dangerous job threatens to destroy everything when Hayley is targeted.  In order to keep her safe, Silas does something that could destroy Hayley and their love faster than any enemy.  Can Silas realize what he has done and find a way to fix it and keep Hayley safe before she gives up on her dark and dangerous lover and leaves him forever?


A sweet young woman in over her head meets a man just on this side of the underworld, and an unexpected romance is the result in Kept.  My heart went out to Hayley as her circumstances came clear, and I was hoping that she could find a way to continue with her dream.  I knew that Silas had a warm heart, even if it was dented all to heck and back from the previous books in this series.  I wasn’t surprised to see Silas turn his world upside down when she first sees Hayley and responds so harshly to her.  I really loved watching as Silas and Hayley fell in love and worked around the barriers between them.  The entire time I was wondering when and how Silas was going to tell Hayley about his job.  What I have to admit was how Silas handled the threat to Hayley from his enemy because of what he had seen happen in that exact same situation.  I was really happy to see that once again this group of dark, dangerous, yet lovable men, grouped together to keep a much loved woman safe and to bring their “brother” to his senses.  Kept is a wonderful contemporary suspense with a touch of the darker side of New York.


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