KING’S THRONE by Bianca D’Arc

KING’S THRONE by Bianca D’ArcKing's Throne by Bianca D'Arc
Series: String of Fate #2
Genres: Paranormal
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Gina is a doctor living in New York in the same building with her best friend.  Gina also has a huge secret that she has been keeping for the majority of her life, even from her best friend: she is not only a tiger shifter, but a royal one.  But her secrets are about to come out into the open when Gina answers a distress call from her best friend and discovers that the injured man is much more than he seems.


Mitch is an orange tiger and a Royal Guard, but not for the tiger clan, but the clan Noir. That is, until he is seriously hurt while on guard and awakes to a woman doctor—one who holds his instant interest.  Mitch is still very interested in Gina even after he discovers just who and what she is.  Knowing that she is royalty has Mitch vowing his protection instead of giving into the attraction that is raging through him.  That is if he can finally shake whatever it is that is trying to kill him.


Gina can’t figure out exactly what happened to Mitch, and she is very worried when her last desperate method to cure him seems to work at first and then makes Mitch worse.  With enemies on the lookout for Mitch and his partner, Gina agrees to take Mitch to a safe place and continue to heal him.  That journey will change both Mitch and Gina’s lives, along with the lives of those in the Tiger Clan by the time all is over.  Along the way, Gina and Mitch learn that fate and the Mother of All has serious plans for both of them and passion is totally included.  Danger might be the backdrop to Mitch and Gina’s romance, but light, truth, and love will continue to rule the day.


A woman doctor with hidden secrets and a royal guard meet up in the most unexpected way, yet they both discover passion and love will always answer the call of fate in King’s Throne.  I was teased by the unusual way that Gina and Mitch met and then had to wait to find out just what would happen to them.  My wait and hopes were answered as I read all about the strange and wonderful adventures that Mitch and Gina had while falling in love, which changed the Tiger Clan forever.  I totally fell for both Mitch and Gina, and I was an instant cheerleader on their side hoping for the best possible outcomes of not only their romance, but also for the Tiger Clan, and I so received both.  King’s Throne is full of suspense and passion that swirls together in a way that will keep you intrigued with each turned page.

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