KISS OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

KISS OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria SueKiss the Alpha by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Supremacy of Wolves #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Painted Hearts Publishing

A virus known as the Pestilence wiped out 75% of the human race in one fell swoop.  Though not responsible for the plague it was an opportunity for the wolf shifters to take over.  North America is split into Nine Territories with a Supreme Alpha in charge and his appointed Alphas leading each territory.  Quinn has taken over from a ruthless despotic predecessor who abused his role as Supreme Alpha.


The Third Territory had been ruled by Mikkael, a brutal bully of a wolf.  Quinn removed him from his position and placed Devon Shaw in charge.  Before the world went sideways Devon was a teacher helping to raise his younger brother Brandon.


Rebel leader Jay Tabor is given a present by fellow rebel Alan during a meeting.  It’s a caged and drugged Devon who gave himself up during a rebel raid to stop further bloodshed.  After cleaning him up and planning to set the wolf free to the Supreme Alpha Jay is given a hard truth.  The Third Territory Alpha and the rebel leader are mates.  Jay is well aware of what happens when bonded mates are separated.  He watched Aaron almost die before Quinn saved him.


Between the mate bond and poor communication Jay and Devon feel both ecstatic and desperate.  They cannot be apart, yet a Territorial Alpha and a rebel leader can’t be together either.  To make matters worse there are spies in the camp and in the leader’s home.  The chances of Jay and Devon finding some kind of middle ground are shrinking by the minute.


Kiss of the Alpha is an exceptional dynamic addition to the Supremacy of the Wolves series.  Passion, betrayal, and plot twists hold the reader’s attention. The sexual tension between Jay and Devon, as well as the undercurrents of lies and suspicions make Kiss of the Alpha the total package for an entertaining read.  Also, dominance is flipped in this intense story, which adds a further layer to the plotline. An absolute page turner.

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