KORT’S TREASURE by Charlie Richards

KORT’S TREASURE by Charlie RichardsKort's Treasure by Charlie Richards
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

The few relationships Mace Capston had had thus far in no way prepared him for the violent actions of his boyfriend Jessup Santiago.  They’d had a few dates that went well, but Jessup suddenly became too demanding which set off alarms for Mace.  When he tried to call a halt Jessup retaliated by breaking his arm.


Known as the playboy gargoyle in the clutch Kort hasn’t bothered to let his friends know that he’s actually still a virgin.  The fact that many of his friends have found their mates gives Kort hope that his mate is out there somewhere waiting for him.  Their communal meal time one evening gives Kort his wish after scenting his mate on the clothing of a gargoyle mate who was helping one of his work employee’s in the hospital ER.


Once he verifies that Mace is indeed Kort’s mate the gargoyle begins to worry.  Mace could still be in danger because Jessup can’t be found.  Protecting his mate is the gargoyle’s number one objective, which may prove easier than revealing himself to his human mate.  Talk about a complicated romance.


Kort’s Treasure tells the story of an emotionally bruised, physically battered human in desperate need of a healing love.  The thirteenth installment in A Paranormal’s Love series faces abuse head on with a realistic storyline, on the human side.  Kort and Mace have a difficult road ahead.  Watching their journey, the troubles and the sweet, though bumpy romance gives readers a thoroughly satisfying story.  Enjoy Kort’s Treasure from the first page to the last.

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