L. A. CAVEMEN by Christina Crooks

L. A. CAVEMEN by Christina Crooks
L.A. Caveman (battle of the sexes, office romance)
by Christina Crooks

Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Reviewed by Miranda

Keep it strictly business? Her heart demands something more... The last thing columnist Stanna needs is a fight with her hopelessly chauvinistic brand-new boss, Jake. The attractive man turns the office into an undeniably sizzling environment, but his column suggestions are positively Neanderthal! She's determined to reform Jake. He's determined to train Stanna. Neither is willing to acknowledge the electrifying attraction that pulls at them both.

Men’s Weekly Magazine is Stanna’s life. The editor has been grooming her to take over when he retires and she can’t wait. She takes pride in her job and especially her Woman’s Word column. When a new owner takes control of the magazine and proceeds to fire the editor and attempts to fire Stanna a line is drawn in the sand.

Jake has thrust every penny into Men’s Weekly it is his dream to make this magazine a hit. The first thing on his agenda is give men what they want, and to do that he needs to get rid of the feminist who writes the Woman’s Word column. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as he originally thought. Never one to give in easily, if he can’t fire her he’ll just have to make her miserable enough to quit. 

Let the battle of the sexes begin…

L. A. Caveman is a full of hysterical laughs and hot sexual tension. Stanna and Jake share a fierce determination and stubbornness for their own pursuits; which makes their fights pretty spectacular. There are times when I felt each character goes a bit far but I really enjoyed this story. L. A. Caveman brings the fun and drama to extreme heights while building a beautiful romance between the leads.

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