LACEY’S LUHPYNES by Honor JamesLacey's Luhpynes by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #1
Genres: Futuristic, Menage
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Siren-BookStrand


Earth and the humans who inhabit it got a serious wake-up call many years ago when the veil that separated the realms came down and humans discovered just how far down the food chain they really were. It probably would not have been so bad except when humans learned just who and what their neighbors were, the first course of action humans did was violence—the one thing that would not be tolerated. Now humans live under rules set up by the other races to keep the other races safe from the humans’ violence. One of the consequences of those rules is a new policing agency, the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or the AEDA as most refer to it.  One of those human agents is Lacey Rose, a human who has been teamed up with two Luhpynes, and that is both her heaven and hell.


Ansell and Zhubin might not be blood relations, but they act like brothers and were raised together. However, their personalities are very different as Ansell was not adopted by Zhubin’s family until he was a young child and those few years made a difference. One thing they do agree on is the fact that they were marked long ago as being the mates of the same fated female—Lacey. These last few years have been rough for them to control their feelings, because it appeared that Lacey had a boyfriend and they would not interfere with that. But when the truth about a brutal attack on Lacey comes out in to the open and the truth is known, nothing is going to stop Ansell and Zhubin from claiming the woman they love and keeping her safe.


Lacey can’t believe that part of her hell was just misunderstandings on al ltheir parts. Now that the truth is known, their mutual attraction is ramping up fast and their mating is not far behind. However, the danger facing them all, from an unknown hybrid, is also taking a more deadly and determined turn—that of Lacey’s death now that she is newly mated. With their future looking so happy, their only issue right now is taking care of the onetime assailant-turned-stalker. A trap is set and with a little help from other agents and a lot of luck, that problem will soon be over. Or will the trap be sprung against Ansell, Zhubin, and Lacey, thus ending their hope of that future forever?


The world is much different and a whole lot larger now, but the journey to love is just the same as three people will soon discover.  Lacey’s Luhpynes will take Lacey, Zhubin, and Ansell from the struggles of fighting their feelings to mated happiness.  I fell in love with this unique Earth and the neighboring worlds pretty quickly, and I even fell faster for Lacey, Zhubin, and Ansell. Seeing that no matter what your race, there were still the same day-to-day issues made this story and the new world so believable. Watching as Lacey, Zhubin, and Ansell found the answers and fell so deeply in love was a really pleasant way to spend my time. I really can’t wait to see more of these special agents and their co-workers fall in love and work to make all the worlds a much better place to be. Lacey’s Luhpynes is a pretty fast-paced story with lots of suspense and romance spaced throughout it, with just that right touches of humor.

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