AT LAST by Melissa Schroeder

AT LAST by Melissa SchroederAt Last by Melissa Schroeder
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Honestly, it’s been a long time since I have read a book by Melissa Schroeder and it looks like I have been missing out completely. At Last is the first book in a brand new series and one I just simply couldn’t put down.


Aeden Fitzpatrick has had a thing for his sister’s best friend, Wendy, for a long time but was really confused on what it was. All he knew was that he hated seeing her date other guys. On the night of his sister’s wedding they share more than a kiss but Aeden has no idea where he stands with her since she is just about as good at relationships as he is, which is not at all. All Aeden knows is that he wants to explore where it will go but Wendy is headed to Africa for 6 months. When she returns will she finally be his?


Wendy was half in love with Aeden before she left for Africa and while she was gone they spoke…just not about what would happen when she returned. After all they put their relationship on hold and have no idea where it will go. When Aeden shows up after his shift at the firehouse she knows then they are picking up where they left off. It’s only been a week and everything is going well until a threatening note is found on her car. Wendy has no idea who it could be from but Aeden is not leaving her side until this person is caught. The days are long and the nights steamy but Aeden is here to stay.


At Last was a sweet romantic read. I have always loved stories about big families and them finding their HEA. The story starts off with Aeden rushing to see if Wendy feels what he felt after their night together after they’ve been on hold until she returned which I found cute. The only thing that really bothered me was the simple fact that I had no idea what happened that night. I would have liked a little more background and maybe some details even if it was just simple glimpses into their memories.


Aeden was sweet, caring, and so thoughtful. If Wendy wanted nothing to do with him I would have gladly taken him off her hands in a heartbeat. Wendy was a little bit harder to read at first because of her past. Her parents weren’t the loving and caring type so she didn’t really have anyone to depend on but herself so she was convinced she didn’t deserve a HEA. But once she started to see how Aeden really felt I could see her character starting to open up little by little and let him in a little more. Their interactions and the time they spent together really showed how well they were matched and in the end I knew she was going to get him so I started rooting for them.


At Last wasn’t overly dramatic and really did focus on the relationship of this couple which was a plus. I did enjoy the whole stalker plot and trying to guess who it was and I have to say it wasn’t who I was expecting at all. I really did love At Last and enjoyed every single one of the characters. This family were close and has me already anticipating the next book in this series. In fact before I was even done I was on Goodreads looking for the next book in the series to be added to my list but sadly there was no info on it at this time. I might have not read Ms. Schroeder in a while but now I will be stalking her book information more closely. Trust me you won’t want to miss At Last!

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