LAWE’S JUSTICE by Lora Leigh

LAWE’S JUSTICE by Lora Leigh
Lawe's Justice
by Lora Leigh

Series: Breeds #26
Published by Penguin Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to the world of the Breeds where animal instincts can bring a feral pleasure to every man and his willing female mate.

Lawe Justice is one of the few feline breeds that hopes he will never find his mate, along with his twin, Rule Breaker.  After all, Lawe saw what happened when the Council discovered mates very early in his life and every mated couple he has met since then has not changed his mind.  Mates cause Breeds to act irrationally and can risk their sanity in his opinion.  What’s worse is that if one dies and the other lives, it’s a lifetime of hell and loss.  That was his opinion before he came face-to-face with the woman who challenged him like no other – his mate.

Diane Broen is a warrior and one who has paid her dues.  Now she commands her Uncle’s team into dangerous situations and with very few exceptions, her team comes out the winner.  Now that Diane’s little sister has mated with the Director of Breed Affairs, Diane has even more reason to do her part in helping the Breeds end all threats to them and their families.  As they say, now it’s personal.  Knowing that if she and Lawe ever act on the heat simmering between them it might kill a vital part of her, Diane knows that her largest battle is about to happen – that for her future happiness.

Lawe has finally accepted that not only is Diane his mate, but that he needs to complete the mating and find a way to keep her protected and safe.  Too bad that Diane is not on board with that plan.  Diane knows that if she allows Lawe to keep her in a safe bubble it will kill the most vital parts of her.  Right now both Lawe and Diane are in a race to locate the people who might have the answers to save Diane’s niece.  Diane and Lawe are after the same thing but they are nowhere near working together as a team.  Along with the battle to locate the missing answers, the larger battle between Lawe and Diane will determine if they can be mates who battle together as partners to benefit all or if Lawe’s need to keep Diane safe will kill all but a lesser passion between them.  Those answers better be found soon because the Council has learned about Lawe and Diane and are already coming for them.

Two strong warriors learn the hard way that sometimes compromise can lead to a passionate love made stronger than ever.  Lawe and Diane discover this for themselves in Lawe’s Justice.  I always knew that Lawe would be in trouble when he found his mate since I first met him much earlier in the books.  His strong hope to never meet his mate told me that he would have a doozy of a time when he did: man did he ever.  Diane was more than a match for Lawe, she was as much of a warrior as Lawe and has the same type of internal strength and belief in right and wrong.  I alternated between shaking my head, laughing and groaning as I watched Lawe and Diane work and fight to find the compromise that would give them both all they ever wanted.  Both of them seemed to know where they wanted their relationship to end but the missteps they each made on the way to getting there had me wondering if the end game would be as great as I knew they deserved.  I freely admit to cheering when the final fight came and they were both able to accept each other for what they were and what their part in the Breed battle would be.  I love it when strong souls find the passion that is waiting for them.  Lawe’s Justice takes two strong and passionate people and makes them even stronger and much more passionate by uniting them in a love that will help blaze their way forward forever more. 

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