LEATHER DAYS by Alex Ironrod

LEATHER DAYS by Alex Ironrod
Leather Days
by Alex Ironrod

Published by MLR Press Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Six weeks ago Lt. Mark Farrell and Det. Dan Fortunato of the LAPD busted Group7 and their leader Erich von Sommerfield for white slavery trafficking and drug running among other things.  Not only does it mean taking some real scum off the streets it also means that Mark and Dan can further explore their fledgling relationship.

Comfortable with being a gay Dom in his personal life Dan is helping Mark tap into his own submissive desires.  The lieutenant is a widower with a 10 year old who once dabbled in man on man sex, but that was a long time ago.  Working with Dan on the case and sleeping together is something Mark never expected to happen. 

Discovering the body of a young man who leaked information on Group7 means they have to dig further though their boss has pulled Mark off the case to look into death threats against a prominent criminal attorney.  The more they dig the more they realize the brutal death and the threats circle back to their enemy, Sommerfield.  Everything comes to a head when family is jeopardized.  Nothing will stop Dan and Mark from protecting the people they love.

With a complex, layered intensity Leather Days features a gritty, no holds barred murder mystery.  Mark and Dan share the duty of telling their story one chapter after the other which gives a fascinating perspective as the plotline unfolds.  Leather Days offers suspense, drama, and scorching hot sexual encounters.  There are some rough sex scenes which are pertinent to the story as well.  Enjoy Leather Days, a well balanced cop story and a hot romance too.

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