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LEAVING DREAMLAND by Cheryl DragonLeaving Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon
Series: 7th Kind #5
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: Erotic, Paranormal, Science Fiction
Reviewed by Jo

Shannon Madison has always loved the stars and now has a career in which she can explore them. She is taken in to “protective” custody by the military and taken to Dreamland.  Shannon has been here for several weeks now and still doesn’t know why she was brought here or why.  The one thing she does know is that she has some of the sexiest guards ever.  Shannon dreams of getting up close and personal, but she is unable to pick just one and they are such good friends; Shannon refuses to be the person to divide them up.

Curtis MacDonald, Milton Hener, Ross Gronbuck and Gavin Parchner have been a unit since they were young boys.  They know all about why Shannon was brought to Dreamland and why they are assigned to protect her while on the base.  They are actually aliens and others from their home world have targeted Earth and have been taking people and returning them for some reason.  Curtis, Milton, Ross and Gavin are a true unit, which is normal in their world, and they have been searching for the woman who will complete their lives and they know without a doubt that Shannon is that woman. 

Shannon is getting a bit fed up with not getting any answers from anyone and finally forces her guards’ hands.  However, the answers she gets send her into an erotic relationship with not just one but all four of her men and they prove to her just how much they want her.  Shannon also begins to learn exactly what Dreamland is and also about her men and others on the base and the shocking truth about herself.  The passion that arises between Shannon and her men case some issues in one way, but each believes that it is worth it.  The base, humans and aliens alike, are about ready to make a strike at the mother ship that is hovering just out in space. This strike will either wipeout the threat to Earth or it might just end up causing a battle that will end life on Earth.  Everyone on Dreamland knows they will only get one chance to strike with their new weapon and everything must be perfect.  It’s time to act. Will the weapon created by the humans and aliens at Dreamland destroy the ship and its inhabitants or have they just started a war that no one on Earth can hope to win?  With so many hopes, dreams and love on the line, Dreamland takes a breath as the first planes take off.

One woman and four men discover the passion of their lives just in time for a battle that might end all chance they have for a loving future.  Leaving Dreamland finally culminates in the lead up for a final strike at the aliens that have targeted Earth and its inhabitants.  Shannon, Curtis, Milton, Ross and Gavin finally have their chance to discover the passion that has been simmering ever since Shannon arrived at Dreamland.  I loved how the men all were so determined to protect Shannon, but still showed her that she was the perfect woman to complete their unit.  Watching as Shannon and her men handle the obstacles in their way, the truth about her and them, along with what is really going on with all the alien sightings, and still see that their passion grew with each day, had me hoping that they would have the chance to live their lives outside of the protective area of Dreamland.  I enjoyed seeing all the couples I had come to know join up and fight this final battle that would give them the freedom to leave Dreamland in peace.  I really loved seeing just what type of future everyone would have during the last chapter – talk about the best type of happy ending.  Leaving Dreamland is full of erotic passion, suspense and, of course, a deep love on top of giving the ultimate happy ever after to not only Shannon and her men but also all of the Dreamland mates.

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