Letting Hearts Heal
by Luna Jensen

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Dean Walker brought his family’s multi-generational talents for horse breeding to a screeching halt when he announced that he wanted to turn the ranch into a self sufficient co-op.   Harnessing talents with others in Sweet Valley, Montana Dean’s opened a thriving store in town with plans of internet expansion if everything goes well.  His ambitions take literally every waking hour which doesn’t coincide with instant parenthood.  Dean learned that he was the father of a four year old son a little over a month ago and he’s having a hard time balancing his work and raising Wyatt.


As a boy the only time Mason Schneider felt free was the time he spent at the Walker Ranch riding a horse or doing things with Dean.  A strict religious upbringing at home left Mason in no doubt of the reaction he’d receive when he told his family he’s gay. As the boys grew their friendship began to evolve. When Dean goes back to college his father takes measures to end the budding relationship by forcing Mason to leave town.


It’s been nine long years since Mason was home.  He left with nothing and after going through hell he’s back with lots of memories and little more.  Learning that the ranch no longer breeds horses is easier to understand than hearing about Wyatt.  Dean never knew why his best friend left so long ago and invites Mason to the ranch.  It’s time to let the past go and see what the future holds for two lonely men and a sad little boy.


Letting Hearts Heal demonstrates the strength of true love which burns long and bright no matter how many years it takes to get it right.  A teenage romance rekindles into an adult relationship and wraps a little boy within their love.  Conflicts, humor, and miscommunication are bound within Letting Hearts Heal.  Solid and true, their love wins in the end.  And, one way or another Wyatt will steal your heart.

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