LILLY’S TORMENT by Honor James

LILLY’S TORMENT by Honor JamesLilly's Torment by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #2
Genres: Futuristic, Menage
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Siren-BookStrand


Lilly Webb is a good cop with a mad skill of making weapons. Recently, Lilly escaped after being held somewhere for a time, and she has just been cleared to go back to work. However, it seems that her weapons-making skill has been noticed in high places, and she has been offered a job with the AEDA (Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance). Earth might be much different than in the past now, but some things remain the same—there are always going to be bad guys, and there will always need to be the good guys to stop them. Lilly is really happy with the promotion, but there is one shadow…her episodes of missing time that come and go lately. Not that she will let that stop her anytime soon.


Artaxias is a Vhampire and Gavriel is a Spiryte (the most magical of the races) have known each other for many, many years. As a matter of fact, Artaxias was originally hired to be Gavriel’s bodyguard when he was a young boy. When he matured, they found out that their relationship might one day be much, much closer as they were both marked to mate with the same woman. When they met their new partner, Lilly, they discovered that she was that very woman. They aren’t about to let anything stand in their way of getting to know Lilly and to show her that they are just the men for her as their marks show.


Lilly has always been up for a new adventure and after meeting Artaxias and Gayriel and learning just who she is to them, it appears that a new job and a move are not the best new adventures for Lilly.  They are immediately called out on a case, but as the investigation begins, all three of them will learn that somehow Lilly has had “suggestions” placed in her mind. That quickly changes just how this investigation is handled and what they are actually investigating, which is not the murders themselves, but who did them and why they targeted Lilly even before she came to AEDA. Falling in love and mating was actually the easiest part for Lilly, Artaxias, and Gavriel even with all of the danger surrounding Lilly as they try to keep any possible triggers away from her. Artaxias and Gavriel will protect Lilly any way they have to, while giving her the support to deal with what happened to her.  After all, the Fates have spoken and fated them with a long life together full of love.


A new job brings one feisty cop a totally new life when she meets her two new partners and discover just what mating with the races really means in Lilly’s Torment. When I finished this story, all I could think of was what an odd group of people to mate, and yet it was so perfect for them. I laughed many times as Gavriel got up to his antics and really enjoyed his relationship with Artaxias. I found that Lilly was exactly the right person to bridge them together and fulfill all their lives with love and humor. I loved how the suspense was drawn out, and I am more than ready to open up the next book to discover just how high up this betrayal really goes. I will also enjoy seeing just how Lilly, Artaxias, and Gavriel have progressed in their mating.  Lilly’s Torment is full of passion and humor with touches of suspense and danger that keep you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next.

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