LITTLE WOLF by R. Cooper

LITTLE WOLF by R. CooperLittle Wolf by R. Cooper
Series: A Being(s) in Love Story
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


The town of Wolf’s Paw has a long history as a shifter community.  A safe haven for the paranormals who live there.  Wolf’s Paw thrives as a connected home where people look after each other.  Ironically their main sources of income these days are the festivals honoring their shifter heritage.


A recent transplant is Tom Littlewolf, who works in the town’s popular gift shop/café.  Though Tom is most definitely a wolf shifter he knows little to nothing about his culture.  He doesn’t even shift during the full moon.


One of Wolf’s Paw’s most illustrious citizens is their sheriff Nathaniel Neri who exudes his alpha personality without trying.  Neri is a very popular draw at festivals and reluctantly participates in everything the council can think up.


Using a sarcasm that comes easily Tom manages to keep most people at arm’s length.  For some unknown reason Sheriff Neri has set his eyes on Tom and over time the young shifter has grown fond of him.  The trouble is that Tom is hiding a very big secret, his true name.  Allowing Neri closer poses a problem.  Letting him get away would be worse in the long run.


The Being(s) in Love series brings another excellent story to life in Little Wolf.  A skillful blend of intrigue and romance Little Wolf focuses on a feisty loner and a determined alpha.  The detailed, character driven story is heavy on dialogue – this romance takes patience and resolve.  Tom’s snarky charm works, though at times his mouth goes too far.  Their romance is definitely rocky and absolutely addicting.

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