LOGAN’S NEED by Sloane Kennedy

LOGAN’S NEED by Sloane Kennedy
Logan's Need
by Sloane Kennedy

Series: Escort #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
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The horror of being shot point blank in the chest and left for dead inside the blazing inferno of his bar was nothing compared to being told his younger sister had been raped.  Logan Bradshaw couldn’t believe how blind he’d been to trust Sam Reynolds, the man who’d destroyed Savannah’s innocence and tried to kill him.  At least Sam hadn’t made it out of the fire he was guilty of setting.


With hospital bills mounting and the bar ruined Logan is forced to return to his past career as an escort.  Never once had he felt sexually stimulated by a client, yet the ménage scene between him, a frail blonde, and a dark, brooding man leaves Logan reeling.  It’s the first time Logan feels anything resembling true desire.  Whatever Logan senses can’t matter.  It’s simply a paying job.


Later on he learns that wealthy Dominic ‘Dom’ Barretti, the co-owner of the mighty Barretti Security Group was indulging his beloved, dying wife Sylvie with her ménage request.  Neither man is aware that the night has been purposefully arranged to bring Dom and Logan together.  A new chapter is about to begin for both men and it was all orchestrated by a dead woman.


Logan’s Need is hidden deep beneath layers in this intensely intimate drama.  The main character’s emotional journey runs the gamut – angst, anger, disbelief, and then ultimate redemption and love.  Dom is the catalyst of change for Logan, just as Sylvie is for her husband.  The end of the Escort series launches the beginning of the Barretti series and there is enough back story to link the two series.  A moving and truly special romance, Logan’s Need packs a powerful punch – of love.

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