LONG FOR ME by Shiloh Walker

LONG FOR ME by Shiloh WalkerLong For Me by Shiloh Walker
Series: Secrets & Shadows #3
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan

Reviewed by Jo

In Long for Me by Shiloh Walker, Christina Bell remembers what it was like to be part of a loving family. The youngest of the Bell children, she simply cannot believe that her dad, or anyone else she loves, had a hand in her mother’s disappearance. She’s looking forward to moving on and spending more time with her sexy best friend, Guy Miller, who she is starting to see in a whole new light.Their attraction sizzling and love deepening, Christina feels confident in her life and ability to handle what comes her way...But when Nichole’s body is found—and the mystery of her death slowly reveals itself—Christina is left not knowing who to trust. What if Guy, her one true desire, proves to be her biggest danger?

Christina Bell, a florist, is the youngest of the Bell siblings and the one who has always believed that whatever happened to their Mother, Nichole, she was not harmed by anyone that Christina knew and loved.  Now that her Mother’s body has been found and they finally are able to put her to rest, it’s leaving an even bigger question – who killed her and why?  Christina knows that several people in town believe that she lives in her own world more often than not, but Christina knows that she has a very good hold on her life even with all the knocks life has given her.  Christina’s one non-family person who has always been there for her is her best friend, Guy.  And just when did he get so sexy?


Deputy Guy Miller has had it bad for Christina, his Tink, and he knows that she needs him more than ever now that her Mother’s body has been found.  The hard part is that Guy wants Christina to need all of him, not just her best buddy.  But Guy is holding a few secrets of his own and he isn’t sure that when all the answers come out about what happened to Nichole that he will ever get what he wants most – Christina in his arms forever, just like that one stolen night when their passion came to life.


Christina knows that Guy will protect her without over doing it like her brother and sister are apt to do.  Guy totally understands her and maybe, just maybe it’s time to explore the passion that Christina tried to forget and that Guy never could.  While Guy and Christina are working at overcoming the self made barrier that keeps their passion from flaring, the investigation on Nichole’s death is gaining speed and the clues are leading Guy to an answer that he hoped was very wrong.  Guy knows that he has to find out if his fears are correct and goes to speak to the one man who can tell him, but doing so just might be the one thing that will tear Christina from Guy forever.  The Bell siblings have finally overcome the disappearance and death of their Mother and have found love.  But once Guy tells them the final answers and just what had to be done to get them, will that destroy the love that Christina and Guy have finally accepted and are learning to cherish?


A young woman who has let flowers and her best buddy ease her from a frightened and scared girl into a loving woman and the deputy who wants that same young woman for his own find a way to have it all in Long for Me.  Christina lost so much as such a young age and that was only part of the reason she would rather deal with her sketches and flowers than people.  Guy has protected and been what Christina has needed for the majority of his life and just when it looks like he might get it, a horrible truth about his past just might tear him apart from his friendships and his love with all the Bells.  I have to say I alternated cheering, smiling and shuddering as I read about the journey that Christina and Guy traveled.  So many times I wondered if their happy ever after would actually happen and when the final answer on what actually happened to Nichole came clear and it was Guy who had to tell the Bells, I was sure heartbreak was in the pages.  Yet the long time friendship and passion between Guy and Christina was more than enough to overcome even that.  Long for Me was heartbreaking in several places and still filled with passion and just the right touch of suspense to keep things moving along to the best ending.


I am so happy that now all of the Bell siblings have been able to let their pasts go and have found that golden ring filled with love.

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