LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Stacey Mosteller

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Stacey MostellerLooking for Trouble by Stacey Mosteller
Series: Nashville U #1
Genres: New Adult
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Swoon Romance



I came across Looking For Trouble by Stacey Mosteller by complete accident. I thought the synopsis sounded like something I would enjoy. I mean who wouldn’t want to read about two opposite characters coming together? Since this was my first book by Ms. Mosteller I wasn’t sure what to expect but once the story started to get going I found out that I enjoyed it.


Kat has been in love with her best friend and Clay’s brother Max as long as she can remember but Max has never seen her that way, or if he has he never said anything. When Max forgets to pick up Kat one day after class, Clay offers her a ride to his apartment. When they arrive the real reason why Max forgot her comes to light and finally she has had enough, she is tired of being Max’s back up plan and forgiving him and Kat is almost ready to move on from her feelings. What she never expected was to start having feelings for Clay; he’s crude, and a man-whore and they have been rubbing each other the wrong way for years. But while working on a class project with Clay, Kat starts to see he might not be so bad after all, but can he give her everything she wants?


Clay knows Kat’s feelings for Max so when they arrive at his apartment and hear why Max forgot about her all his protective instincts start to come out. He wonders how Max could be so stupid but the closer he gets to Kat the more confused he starts to become and wonders where all these feelings are coming from. The more Clay gets to know Kat the more his feelings come into focus. There is just one problem, she still has feelings for Max. But when Kat doesn’t forgive Max he thinks he might have a chance, he just hopes he doesn’t do any more damage to the girl who is slowly taking over his heart.


The first thing I noticed about Looking For Trouble was that the synopsis is a little off from the story. I didn’t find Kat allergic to fun, sheltered or uptight, I thought she was a little inexperienced compared to Clay but that’s all. I enjoyed her fire and spunk, and the way her and Clay banter from the very beginning had me curious to see how they would come together. Clay was cocky, crude and unapologetic but he was so damn fun to read about. I enjoyed watching him uncover his feelings for Kat and being confused by them, I mean after all he has never felt this way before. I also really liked his characters growth and by the end of the story I really started to love him and swoon over how protective and caring he actually was.


Kat and Clay didn’t have the typical courtship which I did kind of miss in this story. Yes, these two were falling for one another and had no idea it was happening but I missed the romance and flirty nature that I usually see in New Adult stories. I enjoyed the process of them falling but at 80% in when everything comes together it just felt a bit late which annoyed me a little. I was put on edge waiting and hoping for something big and then I has to ask “that’s it?” but I wanted more of them together building a relationship. There is a glimpse into their life in the epilogue but it wasn’t enough for me.


Also, Max isn’t too happy about Clay and Kat being with one another and after a confrontation that’s it. It’s almost as if Max just disappears into thin air and it kept me wondering did Max indeed have some kind of feelings for Kat that he just never acknowledged. I guess we will never know or maybe if Max gets his own story then it might come to light.


For fans of Elle Kennedy, you won’t want to miss Looking For Trouble by Stacey Mosteller. Looking For Trouble was a great read and I am excited to see where the Nashville U series will go. I can’t wait to see whose book will be next and how their story will turn out.


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