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LORD AND MASTER by Emma HollyLord and Master by Emma Holly
Series: The Billionaires #3
Published by Self Published Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Author

Mia Beck and Jake Reed have moved in with their lover, Damien Call, and while they are still adjusting to each other’s personalities and moods, life is pretty dang good in Mia’s opinion.  Not long ago, Mia learned that she had inherited a part of an exclusive BDSM club that they all enjoyed.  Now, the club is looking at doing something a bit different, and Mia has volunteered her and her men to be the people to test it out.  Now, she only has to get both Jake and Damien to agree to it.


Jake and Damien agree to spend the week with Mia in an intense role-playing set in old England—think of a kinky “Upstairs/Downstairs”-type show. But they have a few requirements and twists that they are keeping secret from Mia.  Mia is hoping that this week will bring them all closer together and break down that wall she feels when they are all close.  What begins as a fun role-play week, quickly turns into reality as Mia, Jake, and Damien all give themselves over into the game.  Their chemistry burns even hotter as the week rolls on, and their relationship seems to be getting event more solid.  Yet, as the week comes to a close, Mia is worried that when the three of them step back into their real-world lives, they will lose some of what they have gained.  But on that final night of all the actors and some of the club members celebrating the successful week, Mia will learn just what Jake and Damien are thinking of their relationship and what the future is to bring for them all.


Three lovers begin a week of kinky role-play and, along the way, they find an even brighter future for them all in Lord and Master.  Right off the bat, I will say that I enjoyed seeing another chapter in the lives of Mia, Jake, and Damien.  I also enjoyed watching as they immersed themselves deeply into their roles and how they grew as those roles played on.  I will definitely say that if you are a lover of the old English show “Upstairs/Downstairs” or even “Downton Abby” and enjoy kink, you will not want to miss this book.  I loved seeing as Jake and Damien sprang their surprises in the game upon Mia and how she struggled to understand what was behind them and then lovingly flowed into each and every one.  As far as I could see, they all gained during their week of play.  I will also admit to being surprised myself by the last surprise which was sprung upon Mia and just how it will change and deepen their love as a threesome.  Lord and Master is an excellent story of passion, role-play, and, of course, the perfect touch of BDSM bringing Mia, Jake, and Damien closer together.  If you read Beck and Call, then this is a must-read is all I have to say.

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