WHAT LOVE CAN DO by Virna DePaul

WHAT LOVE CAN DO by Virna DePaul
What Love Can Do
by Virna DePaul

Series: Home to Green Valley #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Lilly Parker is a baker with dreams of having her own place and exploring the world, yet she has never left her small town and the B&B owned by her mother.  That might all change when Lily learns she has been selected the winner of a contest where part of the prize is an internship with a world renowned baker.  Now she just has to find a way to tell her mother that she won a contest that she never told her mother about entering and that she will be leaving, which is much easier said than done.  While Lilly was working on this problem, the B&B gained two new guests, very sexy ones.


Quinn O’Neill is the oldest of the five O’Neill brothers who was once a professional rugby player and who then began working in the family restaurant. Now Quinn is dealing with dual blows:  the death of his mother and losing the family’s restaurant.  While dealing with his mother’s death, Quinn stumbles upon an old journal which tells of her life before she married his father and why they never knew of her family and her past.  After reading it and sharing it with his brothers, Quinn makes the decision to travel to Green Valley and learn about the memories in that journal.


Both Quinn and Lilly have major items on their minds when they meet, yet they can’t really ignore the attraction they feel between them.  As the days go by, Quinn and Lilly get to know each other, and they learn about what the other is dealing with.  Quinn gives Lilly the strength to tell her mother about the contest and that she won it.  Lilly finds a way to let Quinn meet one of his aunts.  Before Lilly finds a way to tell her mother all, she and Quinn are caught in a compromising position and things come out in the heat of the moment.  This also causes a rift between Lilly and Quinn, one that Lilly knows is her fault.  Lilly might be excited about her future, but now she wants to be able to come back home to Quinn and give their love the chance to explore that future together.  Misunderstandings are cleared up, and the O’Neill’s appear to be there to stay in the Valley, but can Lilly and Quinn find a way to get past everything and lay a path for the future of their love?


A son learning of his mother’s youthful past and a woman hoping to change her future come together in time to help each other reach their heart’s desire in What Love Can Do.  I saw that the odds were really against Quinn and Lilly from the very beginning, yet I was rooting for them to find a way for their love to have a chance to grow.  My heart hurt for the O’Neill brothers in several places, yet I knew their strength as a family would hold them good as they worked to learn about their mother and her family.  I loved watching as Lilly and Quinn explored their attraction and the love that it turned into, even with the day to day things that caused several bumps along the way.  What Love Can Do proves that love can survive and prosper even when the past overshadows the present and threatens the future.

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