LOVE CAN’T CONQUER by Kim Fielding

LOVE CAN’T CONQUER by Kim FieldingLove Can't Conquer by Kim Fielding
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Jeremy Cox was raised in a tiny, backwater town in rural Kansas.  Childhood was a time of endurance as he was bullied relentlessly for his small stature and superior intelligence.  Ambivalent parents didn’t care.  In high school Jeremy had a quiet connection with older student Keith Moor, but that boy’s suicide left another dent in his tattered psyche.  Jeremy’s saving grace was an out of state college scholarship.


Years of mental institutions forced upon him by his parents left its mark on Qayin Hill.  When Qayin broke free to live his own life he chose to exist below the grid and drifted from state to state.  A musty basement apartment and a minimum wage job in Portland is the most responsible Qayin’s ever managed.  It may also be a fool’s dream but Qayin is taking classes to achieve a college degree one semester at a time.


In his early forties, the Chief park ranger is satisfied with the life he’s carved out.  Jeremy loves the park system in Portland where he’s paid to hike and explore the flora and fauna with visitors every day.  He can occasionally also help young runaways and throwaways find a safe place.  And most of the time he’s too busy to dwell on his ex-lover Donnie.  The breakup nearly destroyed him and still haunts his dreams.  His recent introduction to an unusual named man gives Jeremy hope for the future.  Jeremy loves to untangle complex people and Qayin feels special.  Suddenly life is sweeter.


Love Can’t Conquer showcases the strength of the human spirit.  A miserable childhood didn’t break Jeremy; instead it made him an honorable, strong man.  Out of the ashes of despair Qayin is desperately trying to succeed.  Their journey apart and together in Love Can’t Conquer is a triumph.  You will want to devour this emotionally intense, gut wrenching love story.

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