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LOVE IN ELECTRIC BLUE by Marie HarteLove in Electric Blue by Marie Harte
Series: Westlake Enterprises #3
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2013-06-04
Genres: Erotica, Suspense
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by Jo

It’s more than chemistry, more than love: it’s electric. Remy Davis does her best to live in the now, never sure when she’ll be forced to run again. She loves her work at Buchanan Investigations—there’s no better place for a woman with her special talent for controlling electricity—but she knows better than to let down her guard. And then everything changes when a man from her past, the man she never stopped loving, reappears in her life. J.D. never thought he’d see the girl he’d once loved, the woman he thought had betrayed him. The chemistry he and Remy once felt is as strong as ever. Old wounds need time to heal, but time is running out on second chances. A villain bent on returning them to his twisted experiments has resurfaced. But this time J.D. won’t let Remy face the madman alone; he’ll harness every ounce of his abilities to rescue the one woman who turns electric in his arms. Warning: There are misunderstandings, angst, and love lost and regained. Sparks fly when two special people with extraordinary abilities overcome science gone awry and some freakishly villainous bad guys.

Remy Davis is a computer specialist at Buchanan Investigations.  Remy came to Buchanan after a few years on the run from her past because the owner knew part of the very past she was running from.  Remy is also very special because she can control electricity in ways that amazes most scientists.  For the most part, even while having to watch her back constantly, Remy is enjoying her life.  One thing Remy hates is the fact that the love of her life believes she betrayed him to save herself.  Not exactly the way it happened.

J.D. Morgan was rescued from his time in hell, being a lab rat for a mad scientist who wanted to use his powers.  The only bright light for J.D. during that time was the scientist’s niece who was just as powerful as he was.  Together they were twice as much, both with their powers and with the budding romance that was developing between them. That is until the night J.D. was rescued and Remy showed that what they had was an illusion.  Now J.D. works with Westlake, first as an IT guy and now as an agent. 

To say that sparks flew when Remy and J.D. were face-to-face for the first time since that fateful night, really put it mildly.  But when a person alerts the owner of Westlake that the ISPP (Institute for the Study of Psychic Phenomena) is starting back up and the madman that ran it the first time is at it again.  It really is a job that only Remy and J.D. can investigate.  After all, ISPP’s biggest discovery was based on their joint powers.  Both Remy and J.D. know that capturing them again is job number one.  Working together is one of the hardest things they have done, first because J.D. isn’t sure he can trust Remy and later because their love has sprung back hotter than ever.  The danger is evident when someone tries to kidnap Remy.  The full truth of that horrible night is now out and J.D. is determined to protect Remy, even if he might not come out of this battle alive. The dust is settling and it’s going to take the full powers of the two psychic investigation agencies to bring Remy and J.D. out if this and give them a second chance at their future together.

Sometimes it’s during a nightmare when your brightest hope is discovered.  Two people learn this when their brightest hope is the love they found in Love in Electric Blue.  J.D. is still hurting years later when he faces Remy after being rescued from a lab working with psychics.  Remy has never stopped loving J.D., but never expected to have a second chance at that love.  I was amazed at just what J.D. and Remy lived through in that lab, but even more so when they put it all on the line yet again to take down the madman who was behind that lab and their captivity.  I hurt with both Remy and J.D. as the truth about what really happened the night they both escaped from the lab, although they each had a very different experience.  The depth of the love between J.D. and Remy was brought forth in their final struggle to destroy that which threatened them.  Love in Electric Blue is equal strengths of passion and suspense, with touches of psychic abilities that make the Westlake Enterprises series so interesting.  The struggle that J.D. and Remy had in finding their forever after makes this a must read.

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