LOVE ON AN OWL’S WINGS by Charlie Richards

LOVE ON AN OWL’S WINGS by Charlie Richards
Love On An Owl's Wings
by Charlie Richards

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

With time on his side because of a shifter’s longer life span, European Eagle Owl Luc Laurent has joined Kontra’s traveling motorcycle gang.  In part to spend time with his son Tim who’s mated to the big bear shifter and also to see where his own future is headed.


A pit stop in Kansas gives Luc the shock of his life when he finds his mate in the human cousin of a newly discovered platypus shifter.  Though the Owl had once loved a woman and fathered a son she hadn’t been his true mate. Dylan Sudderson is.


Dylan survived a horrific accident in childhood.  He relies on arm crutches to get around and suffers from periodic weakness and illness.  Recently Dylan learned that his cousin is a shifter and can’t believe that Kai kept something so important from him.


The Owl shifter and the injured human feel the pull of mates, yet there is so much against them ever getting together.  Their age difference is an issue for Luc while Dylan hasn’t told anyone he’s gay.  And his parents are rightfully protective after he almost died, his mother excessively.  Nothing will go smoothly for these mates, except their love.


Inflexible humans put a damper on romance in Love On an Owl’s Wing. Dylan certainly deserves happiness after all he’s gone through, and for a shifter, finding a mate is all important to Luc’s peace of mind.  The tension levels rise when Dylan pulls away from his parents and towards his mate.  This series is primarily ‘lite’ yet always manages to offer compelling storylines that entertain and make readers think.  Love On an Owl’s Wing is a winner.

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