LOVE THY NEIGHBORS NEPHEW by Stephanie WilliamsLove Thy Neighbors Nephew by Stephanie Williams
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Decadent Publishing

Reviewed by Nikita Steele

At the age of forty-three and ten years divorced, Yolanda Paterson never thought that another man would set her soul on fire.  Yet, in walks Lawrence Cooper and Yolanda is instantly heated with great desire.  Nevertheless, Yolanda knows that there can never be anything between them because of their huge age difference and more importantly, he is her very best friend’s nephew.

For Lawrence Cooper, what started out as a pup love crush during his teenage years has now fully developed into a grown man’s sexual attracted to a beautiful woman.  Regardless of the fact that she is thirteen years his senior and that she is his aunt’s best friend, Lawrence is determined to win the heart of Yolanda Paterson.

Love Thy Neighbor’s Nephew is an older woman/younger man love story.  As the plot goes, it is easy to figure out the climate of the storyline before it made its appearance.  Nonetheless, it is still an enjoyable read.  I really liked Lawrence courtship of Yolanda.  He is a man on a mission, determined to surmount each and every obstruction Yolanda tries to use to hinder the growth of their relationship.  Sexual foreplay takes the lead on countless occasions more so than the actual sex itself; yet, when Lawrence and Yolanda finally do get together it is explosively hot.  Anyone who is a fan of May – December type of relationship will surely enjoy Love Thy Neighbor’s Nephew.  

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