Love Your Entity
by Cat Devon

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Published by Macmillan Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
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Reviewed by Vanessa

SOMETIMES LOVE IS A MATTERSierra Brennan can inherit her great-uncle’s historic Chicago townhouse under one condition: She must live there for thirty consecutive days. What could possibly go wrong? As a writer and a ghost whisperer, Sierra has a vast imagination and a brave spirit. But not even she is prepared for the gorgeous—and naked—vampire who greets her at the door. OF LIFE AND UN-DEATHRonan McCoy has spent the past century waiting to come home…to this house. The presence of the beautiful, brazen Sierra is one complication he doesn’t expect. The other is Hal, a dangerous ghost and original member of Al Capone’s gang who’s dead-set on revenge. What is a formerly indentured vampire supposed to do to get a moment’s peace? All he knows for sure is that he must protect Sierra from Hal. But once he has her in his arms, can he ever let her go? Life—and love—is becoming stranger than fiction for Sierra…and more delicious than she and Ronan could have ever imagined... in Love Your Entity.

Paranormal, best-selling author/ghost whisperer, Sierra Brennan, has recently inherited a house from a distant relative.  The catch?  She must inhabit the house for 30 days before the deal is final.  However, upon arrival, Sierra finds a naked man has set himself up in the house, and there seems to be a few other inhabitants that are set on Sierra helping them….or not.


Ronan McCoy, an indentured vampire, has recently been released with a caveat attached for his deceased sister’s freedom, as well as his own.  He must find a key.  The only lead he has is that it is located in his ancestral home.  Ronan can’t have a human hanging around Vamptown nosing about, but she can’t be compelled to leave either.  Soon, Ronan finds that he must protect Sierra from something that is conspiring to keep her out of the house, complete his task, and attempt to keep from touching the ghost whisperer as well.  What’s a sexy vamp to do?


Love Your Entity sounded like a nice mix of mystery, action, and romance.  The world that Ronan and Sierra lived in was different from other vampire stories that I have read.  However, the author explained things well in Love Your Entity.  I did have a few problems with some of the characters’ actions, especially if they were so concerned about danger.  There wasn’t a good showing of why the ghosts couldn’t travel beyond to eavesdrop on their conversations either, or I missed that in my reading of Love Your Entity.


The mystery played out well and kept me tuned in to Love Your Entity.  I also enjoyed some of the other characters that popped in and out of the story.  However, I was put off a bit by the one too many convenient appearances of some supporting characters.  Overall, Love Your Entity was a fast-paced, light hearted romp in another dimension where creatures of the night live amongst regular people.

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