LOVING VIN by Sloane Kennedy

LOVING VIN by Sloane Kennedy
Loving Vin
by Sloane Kennedy

Series: Barretti Security #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Vincenzo ‘Vin’ Barretti was barely an adult when his parents died in a murder/suicide.  Swearing to take care of his three younger siblings Vin’s words fell flat after the youngest brother’s biological father showed up and took Rafe out of state.  Years later the next youngest brother Ren was listed MIA in Afghanistan, leaving Vin and his remaining brother Dom mourning and devastated with their losses.


After another fruitless search in Afghanistan with his team, Vin is feeling weary and heart sick when he arrives home.  The compound outside of Seattle is his refuge from the world when he’s not working at Barretti Security Group or looking for Ren.


It’s a place where few are invited, yet a stranger is living there.  A skinny, frail, young woman with a smart mouth and if that wasn’t bad enough she’s turned his two guard dogs into pets.


Apparently his brother Dom parked Mia Hamilton in his home to protect her from reporters and give her time to recuperate from a horrifying trauma.  Nevertheless Vin wants her gone, pronto.  Unfortunately for Vin, his brother is the one person he can’t browbeat so Mia is staying, at least for a while.  She’s the first person besides Dom who’s as stubborn as Vin and it’s irritating the hell out of him – when it’s not intriguing him.  Talk about clashing personalities…


Anger and frustration war with a damaged soul in Loving Vin.  Carrying the weight of broken promises Vin is forced to deal with someone in worse straits.  Awakening feelings on both parts showcase how much they’ve lost.  Vin and Mia’s storylines weave through hardships and challenges most would buckle under, most but not them. The Barretti series begins with Loving Vin and it couldn’t be a better start.

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