LUNA’S LOVERS by Honor James

LUNA’S LOVERS by Honor JamesLuna's Lovers by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #4
Genres: Futuristic, Menage, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Siren-BookStrand


Luna Black is a woman with no past and at this point, doesn’t have really great aspects for the future either.   She is one of the best at discovering encryptions at the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or the AEDA as most refer to it.  Many years ago, Luna was in an accident which supposedly wiped out all of her memories.  The only thing she has to show for her past is a strange tattoo, which appeared on her back.  Not even Luna’s talent with encryptions has helped her figure out what it means.  Luna was recently brought into a tangled case, which involved several of the AEDA agents and their mates, and now Luna is in serious danger.  The question is, who is after her and why?


Kristjan, an Ahnjel, and Volker, a Vhampire, have been friends and partners at the AEDA for a while now.  For the last several years, they have been doing individual assignments for the company and haven’t been around the office.  One of the strongest ties that Kristjan and Volker have is that they are destined to share a mate, but to date, neither has met this woman.  Surprisingly, they are both home together and have some free time when an assignment comes up to protect a fellow employee.  Kristjan and Volker decide to volunteer for the assignment, which is something that will change their lives forever.


Luna is scared, but willing to allow two agents she has never met be her bodyguards based on the reliance of an agent Luna trusts.  She is amazed at the instant attraction she feels for both Kristjan and Volker.  All of them are overwhelmed as the truths come out, first that Luna Black just might be her real name as that is the name that marks the mate for her guards, and second that instead of human, Luna might just be something altogether different.  Determined to discover the truth and make sure their mate is beyond safe, Kristjan and Volker work with other agents and Luna’s slowly returning memory to find out just what her past is and why she was cast out in the human realm.  What is discovered shows that the danger to Luna was much closer than anyone would have guessed and that the danger that has been plaguing the AEDA and its agents is much deeper than expected.  Piece by piece, the puzzle is put together and betrayals are revealed.  The outcome not only gives Luna, Kristjan, and Volker a chance at the love they are just discovering, but it will also greatly change their lives because some of Luna’s secrets were big ones.


When a woman with no past and who is scared of the future meets the two men who are destined to be hers, the outcome is an overwhelming passion and a discovery no one ever expected. Luna’s Lovers takes Luna, Kristjan, and Volker on a madcap journey which involves major betrayals, danger and, of course, a deep love, which overcomes all of that.  I loved the stunned realization that all three came to as they first met, and their true relationship became known.  After that, what caught me was just how strongly Kristjan and Volker worked to not only protect Luna, but worked to discover just what had been done to her, who she really was, and how to make sure she was never in danger again.  I loved just how their journey was rolled out and especially how bright their future was as the book ended, especially when shown against just how bleak Luna viewed her future as the book started.  Luna’s Lovers takes you on quite the ride from beginning to end, yet the solid backbone of passion and strength makes this love story an enjoyable night’s reading.

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