MAD LIZARD MAMBO by Rhys FordMad Lizard Mambo by Rhys Ford
Series: Kai Gracen #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

The earth has been thrown into turmoil ever since the human world and Underhill, the home of the light and dark sidhe, Merged.  Monsters and creatures of myth raise havoc which requires licensed Stalkers to handle the situation.  A grizzled Stalker named Dempsey unwittingly saves the life of an elfin slave won in a game of chance.


The elfin Kai Gracen is called a Chimera by both sidhe factions.  Neither light nor dark Kai was made by his sire, an extremely powerful Master of the Hunt who used and tortured his son for as long as Kai could remember.


Recent events have led a light sidhe lord to establish a foothold in San Diego.  He is High Lord Ryder of the Southern Rise Court.  And he has claimed Kai as his responsibility.


As a licensed Stalker Kai manages to make a decent living, but when he learns that Dempsey is dying and needs specialized medical care the elfin breaks his own oath and agrees to work with Ryder on a dangerous job in order to pay his aged mentor’s bills.


Their trip to the Nevada desert to hunt for Sidhe fertility rite information becomes a deadly mission when the human professor in charge is murdered and Kai is almost blown up.  At this rate they won’t even make it out of San Diego alive.


Adventure, life and death drama, and chilling mysteries arise in Mad Lizard Mambo.  Chimera Kai and Lord Ryder tip toe around their hidden desires as they journey to save the sidhe race.  It hard to tell friend from foe as the bodies begin to stack up.  An addictive tale from start to finish Mad Lizard Mambo thoroughly engages the reader.  A glossary is provided to clear up sidhe/human confusion in the storyline.  One warning: there is no sex at all and while Kai and Ryder definitely feel something for each other nothing is accomplished in this book.  Having said that their story in Mad Lizard Mambo is riveting.  Fun, scary, and full of mystery.  Enjoy.

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