Magic Possessed
by Jaime Rush

Series: The Hidden #2
Published by Grand Central Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Violet Castanega knows that something strange is going on with all the deaths happening to the Dragon clans in the Fringe.  When her brother is killed, Violet knows it’s only a matter of time before the clans go after each other with no holds barred.  Violet bargains for a cooling off time during which she will investigate to see just what clues she can find.  After Violet learns that even more deaths have occurred than even she knew and that clan violence is just simmering below the surface, Violet makes a decision that could make all of the clans never forgive her – going to the Guard for help.


Kade Kavanaugh is a powerful Vega with the Guard and he knows all about how wild the Castanega clan can be – especially Violet.  Yet when she shows up at the Guard headquarters asking for help to solve her brother’s and other clan killings, everyone from his boss down just pass her concerns off.  Kade knows the Fringe history and yet how Violet acts during her visit shows that she can be more than the wild teenager he met years ago.  When Kade is given a new assignment by his boss, he is shocked and then concerned – the assignment is to assassinate Violet and let the resulting clan wars just go.  Something that doesn’t sit will with what the Guard means to Kade.


Violet is wary when Kade shows up at her home saying he is there to help her, but since time isn’t on her side Violet agrees to work with him.  As the hours go on, Kade knows that Violet is nothing like he has been told and his gut tells him that killing her would be wrong and that something else is going on in the Fringe.  Kade is walking down a very narrow line while trying to keep Violet safe and figure out why he was assigned to kill her.  Things get out of hand when passion explodes between Violet and Kade.  Violet is trying to keep Kade safe, the Guard is not well thought of by the Fringe clans, while working with him to keep the clans safe from further killings.  Before the final answers become clear, betrayal, misunderstandings and love will all force Kade and Violet to the limits.  When all is revealed and everyone is safe, will there now be time for Kade and Violet to explore their new found love or has too much gone down to allow for the trust that all love must be bound with?


A jewelry designer with a wild past and a Guard member who follows his gut come together in the most unusual circumstances in Magic Possessed.  Violet and Kade are certainly an odd couple until you look below the surface and see the love that was just waiting for them.  I have to hand it to Violet that I was surprised that she risked everything to go to the Guard with her and her families past.  I was even further shocked when Kade decided to go with his gut feeling instead of his order after all he had to overcome to get his Vega position.  I loved watching as Kade and Violet worked together and put all the clues together to discover the betrayal and past events that all combined together in what was happening to the clans in the Fringe.  The passion that grew between Kade and Violet proved that no matter what their individual pasts were, their future would only be together.  Magic Possessed takes suspense, passion and danger to the ultimate limits while allowing enough breathing space to keep the reader gripped from the first page until the last.

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