MAGNUS by Bianca D’Arc

MAGNUS by Bianca D’Arc
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: Redstone Clan #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author

Magnus Redstone is a werecouger and while he helps his brothers with both the Clan and their construction company, he will never have to worry about being the Alpha as he is in the middle of his five brothers.  Magnus has been aware for a few years now that his attraction to one of the local vampires could be much more.  But because the majority of his clan and the Others don’t think much of vampires as a whole, he hasn’t done more than be friends with the sexy Miranda.


Miranda is a vampire who is recovering from being held by an evil warlock. It just so happened that the night that Miranda was making her last stand is the same night the warlock holding her was taken out by members of the Redstone Clan and Magnus was there.  It was a very lucky thing as Miranda would have injured her saviors due to her need for blood, but she was able to recognize Magnus so that night didn’t end horribly.


Magnus knows that Miranda would have never had attempted to harm anyone if not for how she had been held for so long without blood while being leached for hers.  Once he had her in his arms, weak as a kitten even for a vampire, all Magnus knew is that he had to help Miranda regain her strength and get back to her normal self.  While that is going on, Magnus and Miranda learn of an uprising that is about to tear apart the vampires in Vegas and other places.  Knowing just how bad this could be for Others and humans alike, Magnus and Miranda begin to take steps to help in the uprising before Vegas drips with blood. Before everything is over, Magnus and Miranda will do more than just stop a bloodbath in Vegas—they will also be involved in the beginning steps that will bring the Vampires and the Others into a closer working relationship, which is something that will be needed in the near future if the things everyone is hearing through the Were/Other grapevines are true.


A sexy vampire and her determined werecougar mate learn not only mating can happen to anyone and everyone, but also just how to bring down a vampire rising in Magnus. Miranda fights even when offered the solution from Magnus to help her regain her strength. I loved how Magnus stood by Miranda even against his own clan in the beginning. But I also loved how the basic goodness in Miranda brought not only the Redstone Clan into accepting her, but also allowed them to give the Vampire Master a chance to prove that blood drinkers are not all bad. There were several times when I wondered if Miranda and Magnus would have the chance to find their forever.  I truly loved just how Miranda and Magnus came out on top after the last showdown.  Magnus takes a journey filled with danger and mixed it with passion and family love (many types of families) to come out with a story that was a perfect few hours escape.

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