MAKE ME UP by Avery Flynn

MAKE ME UP by Avery Flynn
Make Me Up
by Avery Flynn

Series: Killer Style #3
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Cam Hardy knows he is all that and a bag of chips. He is an ex special ops agent turned investigator, who also has charm and a great body.  Cam has always been able to get what he wanted, be it a bad guy or a sexy woman.  So he is shocked when his latest move to bring his latest relationship into the public is rebuffed, as in he is left cold and with all his friends and co-workers looking on.  Yet, when just a few hours later his love is in deep trouble, Cam races to the rescue knowing he can keep her safe and clear her name.


Drea Sanford has worked hard to make herself the person to call when you want spectacular makeup done.  After she is forced dump Cam, after all she told him their relationship had to be kept in the deep dark night, she was in just the right mood for her demanding client.  What Drea was not expecting was her client to drop down dead right after they finished her makeup.  Now, Drea is the prime suspect in a cold-blooded murder ,and she knows that when her past is investigated, she will be even more of a suspect.


Drea is surprised when Cam suddenly appears at the crime scene, and when he insists on helping get out the cops hands and then takes her home.  What begins as a nightmare, only gets worse and sends Cam and Drea on the run.  Cam is more than determined to show Drea that not only is he the only man who can help her get out of the murder set-up, but that he is also the only man for her. period.  As Cam and Drea work to discover just who was behind the murder of her client, they soon find out that there is much more behind the murder of a woman that most people loved to hate.  Along the way, they also discover just how deep their attraction really is, and they finally both accept that their relationship has become a deep passion.  To get the real killer behind bars, Cam is going to use all the skills he’s learned both in the Special Ops and as an investigator.  When push comes to shove, can Cam and Drea bring down a killer and have the future that is just waiting for them to claim?


When murder gives two strong lovers a second chance, will they be able to grab that chance, or will the killer hold the last deadly card?  Drea and Cam will find out these answers and a whole lot more in Make Me Up.  On just outside appearances, I would never have put Drea and Cam together, unless I wanted to see a smack down.  However, I would have been so wrong.  They were actually perfect together and perfectly matched where they needed to be.  I really loved watching as Cam and Drea worked out not only the clues on whom set her up, but also how their relationship would be able to go forward.  I knew that Drea was one strong woman and that was proven as she worked with Cam to clear her name and bring down the true killer and learn what was behind the murder.  Cam proved that he was more than what he appeared as he pulled every string he had to keep Drea safe and claim her love.

Make Me Up will keep you page turning with its excellent combination of suspense, passion, and good-natured rubbing.  While you don’t need to read this series in order to enjoy the books and the plots, however, I would suggest that you do for just the sure enjoyment of it and because there  are a few threads that run through all the books so far.

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