MAPPING THE FOREST by Brandon WittMapping the Forest by Brandon Witt
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Forest ranger Gabe Rice left a full-time position and a promising career at another posting for the chance to work his dream job in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Six years on and he’s still a part-time ranger forced to make ends meet with a second job at the Estes Park book store near where he lives.  It all boils down to working for a homophobic boss intent on making his job so difficult he quits.


At one time Luis Martinez had everything a man could wish for with a successful career as a therapist, a supportive family, and a loving husband by his side.  The California dream came crashing down the day Chris died.  Inconsolable he sold his business, packed and headed for the Colorado Mountains where he used his savings to buy the Estes Wilderness Lodge.  Knowing nothing about managing a lodge or tourist trips into the mountains Luis was barely functioning, but at least nothing reminded him of Chris and the love they shared.


Talked into a touristy campfire excursion by a fellow ranger, Gabe is surprised by his attraction to the cook.  It’s been a while since he’s been interested in anyone.  What he finds is a damaged soul, yet Luis intrigues him.  For every step forward they are forced to take two steps back.  For this relationship to work they will need to lean on each other.  Trust is a two-way street.


Mapping the Forest takes the main characters on an extremely emotional journey where every lesson learned brings up new obstacles to overcome.  One deals with workplace bigotry and the other a lost love.  Gabe and Luis slowly learn by trial and error that battling their demons together is what strengthens them.  The couple definitely makes mistakes, lots of them before getting it right.  Love and patience are the answer for these characters in Mapping the Forest.


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