Marking Kane
by A. C. Katt

Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #4
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Kane Brady left the rural Midwest for the big city hoping to be able to openly explore his sexuality.  The death of his beloved father meant a chance at a new life.  With a degree in teaching Kane chose McClellan High School in New York.  What he didn’t expect was continual confrontations with the basketball coach and two of his students who played on the team and refused to do assigned work.  Kane’s refusal to bow to their threats had horrific repercussions.


Alpha Gabriel Martin is thrilled that three of the other Alphas have found their mates in a relatively short period of time.  Repeated prayers to their goddesses have Gabriel hoping for the best.


Barely surviving the brutal attack Kane literally falls into Gabriel’s arms on a snow packed street.  He doesn’t understand why a complete stranger is willing to take him home and treat him like spun gold while helping him heal.  Kane is too badly traumatized at the moment to figure out the mystery that is Gabriel.  To accept that they are destined mates and that the Alpha will do whatever it takes to help Kane recover.


Marking Kane is simply the beginning for an Alpha and his fated mate.  Book four in the Werewolves of Manhattan series is the latest excellent addition.  Considering the difficult subject matter Marking Kane is a sensitive, emotional story that manages to keep the reader firmly involved in Kane and Gabriel’s complicated romance.  Goddess given intervention aside, Marking Kane is a compelling book that works.  This series keeps getting better and better.

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