MASTERS OF FATE by Linsey Hall

MASTERS OF FATE by Linsey HallMasters of Fate by Linsey Hall
Series: Mythean Arcana #6
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Bonnie Doon Press


Aurora is a Soulceress, one of only two still surviving.  She also happens to be the most despised because of her past actions when she was insane.  Aurora is sane again, thanks to her sister’s actions, but every day she has to fight to resist taking souls again.  This is a fight that she is hiding even from her sister and the few friends that she has gained.  When Aurora is tasked with going back to the ancient city of the Soulceresses and to fix whatever has gone wrong there, she accepts because this one action will cement her place at the University.  Aurora takes off knowing she has the support of her sister and several others at the University, and she goes to meet with the person who reported the power flares in the first place.


Felix is a half-blood wolf shifter who has lived through being captured and terrorized which affects him even now.  Yet, he still helps when called on even if he prefers to live in the middle of nowhere, outside the shell of the city of the Soulceresses.  It is his way to connect to the one woman he has always loved and believes was killed during a time when humans hunted down and killed what they didn’t understand.  So he is amazed and shocked when the person sent to him by the University is Aurora.


Aurora never expected to see Felix again.  Their first meeting was shaky, but then it seemed like they fell back into their old cadence of teamwork.  Aurora believed that the disturbance was from something she did while insane yet, as they investigated, it soon became clear that this was nothing that Aurora created.   While following even more clues, they learn that the answers to what happened to Aurora in the past had nothing to do with her actions and more to do with a power grabbing entity.  Now in order to save the present and to let them have the love that was denied to them centuries ago, they must go back in the past to track down who or what was after Aurora’s power and to put a stop to it once and for all.  Even with the help of powerful others from the University, it will be Aurora and Felix and their strong love that will conquer the day and put an end to the evil that haunts Aurora daily.


Past lovers will get their second chance, but only if they can discover and destroy the evil that threatens them in Master of Fate.  I knew that Aurora had a problem fighting her need for souls from past books, but I was amazed as I read each page to discover just what was truly behind her need for souls.  I loved watching as Aurora and Felix found their second chance at love and then fought for it with everything they had.  I found myself rooting for Aurora as the pages turned, and I knew that Felix was going to do everything he could to make sure he didn’t lose her again.  The final act was satisfying and full of suspense making it the perfect way to give Aurora and Felix to begin their new future together.  Master of Fate takes you back and forth from present to points in the past to deliver a love that will last long into the future.

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