MATT by Bianca D’Arc

MATT by Bianca D’ArcMatt by Bianca D'Arc
Series: Redstone Clan #5
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author

Matt Redstone is the youngest boy of the Redstone brothers.  He is an architect for the Redstone construction company and has been involved with a job that will be on the land of one of his friends—a vampire who is part of the blood brotherhood.  So, when problems started coming up with the project, Matt was the perfect person to send to smooth the county commissioners and protesters, who seem against the housing community they are trying to build for the shifters in the area.


Morgan Chase is a Florida panther with very bad memories of what it means to live with a clan.  As a young child, she was found and adopted by Marc LaTour, master vampire and part of the blood brotherhood, and she now is an attorney who works for most of the brotherhood.  When Morgan is asked to work with Matt to see if they can come up with a blueprint plan that will ease the concerns and give them the go-ahead to start construction, she agrees.  After all, it’s not the first time she and Matt have met.


Yet, both Matt and Morgan are taken aback a bit by the instant and strong attraction that hits them both the minute they see each other again.  Once they team-up to begin the new set of plans, that proves to be the easiest part of their problem.  They soon discover that there is a mole in the vineyard, and they have done more than just tried to put up road blocks.  They are also part of the Venifucus, and they are trying to use the same area that Matt wants to build with to help bring over the followers of light’s worst enemy:  Elspeth the Destroyer.  To defeat the Venifucus, it will take all the shifters in the area and a call for help for more, plus the vampires, at least in the night, and an unexpected bit of help from an even more magical person.  Matt and Morgan are more than ready to explore what their mated life together will be like, but first they have to take care of business and clear the area of the darkness brought in by the Venifucus followers.  By the time the fight is over, either the light will have won or darkness will come and change Earth as it has been known—or are those really the only choices?


An attraction ignored is given a second chance in California when light must one again defeat darkness in Matt.  I have waited to see just what kind of mate Matt would get.  I found that Morgan was the perfect mate for Matt, and I loved how hard he worked to prove to Morgan that living in a clan didn’t mean losing your independence or even enduring abuse.  I enjoyed watching as Morgan slowly opened up for Matt and even to the other shifters to see that her old clan was a mess, and she could trust Matt with her love.  The final fight was one truly worth a fight of light against darkness, and I also loved that Morgan and Matt would have their chance at a loving future.  However, I soon discovered that all the action wasn’t quite over, and I really, really can’t wait until the next book as this overall arc comes out, because I think it will be a doozy.  Matt is full of fast-paced action with passion and suspense mixed in. It’s a great ending to the matings of the Redstone brothers.

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