MATT by Cat Johnson

MATT by Cat JohnsonMatt by Cat Johnson
Series: Red,
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Some SpecOp assignments are more special than others. Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 11Matt Coleman. Task Force Zeta’s computer expert. Certified genius. Dateless loser. He’s getting damned tired of watching his teammates pair off, while the only thing he’s had his hands on lately is a computer keyboard. Even Sam, the Omega team’s communications guy—who Matt only knows through daily instant messages—is going on missions while Matt sits home, bored and jealous. Until he finally gets a shot at an assignment in Dubai. As the only female on Omega team, Samantha Foster isn’t surprised that the mission to Dubai is all hers. After all, only a woman can infiltrate a modern-day harem to ferret out a terrorist-minded mole. The big surprise is when she’s sent along with a guest’s dinner as dessert—and finds Matt on the other side of the bedroom door. After he gets over the shock that Sam is a woman, Matt is more than happy to help her in any way he can. In the shower. In the bed. Oh yeah, and on the computer too. This book has been previously published. Warning: What happens in the harem doesn't always stay in the harem.

Matt Coleman is the computer expert for his special ops team – Zeta.  Matt might be a certified genius and a great tactician, but he is really tired of watching his fellow team members having a great love life while his is a disaster.  Matt is getting so desperate that he is taking extreme measures – online dating service.  That quickly proves to be a disaster also.  It seems that the only highlight in Matt’s day is to chat with a fellow special ops computer expert for the Omega team – Sam.  And now even Sam is getting to go on an op while Matt sits.

Samantha Foster has had to fight like crazy to be seen as a full member of team Omega and not just as a girl.  Her nickname Sam has helped but when even her commander tries to shield Sam from anything that might even possibly be dangerous, Sam knows she has a long ways to go.  When her team receives an op in Dubai, it has to be Sam who goes undercover – she is the only woman and she will have to infiltrate a harem to complete her job and find a terrorist. 

Matt is sent to Dubai because one of his programs isn’t working right.  Part of that job is staying at the sheik’s home.  But Matt isn’t about to accept the offerings from the harem that are sent his way.  That is until the night when the woman sent to him is clearly an American and a further shock – his buddy Sam is a sexy woman and she is out to capture a terrorist with no back up.  Matt instantly teams up with Sam, both in bed and out of it, to not only capture the person they are after but they might even be able to set a net that will give both teams future intelligence if done right.  Now they just need to set the trap and get out safely.  But when Matt arrives back to his room, it’s to discover that Sam is gone and he can only hope that her team came to her rescue.  When Matt gets home will he find Sam safe and will they figure out a way to explore the feelings that they found while in Dubai?

When two special ops computer experts meet in Dubai sparks fly and it’s not only in the bedroom.  Matt and Sam discover that they have much more in common than computers and special ops in Matt.  I just knew that Matt would have to have his day in the sun and was really happy to see him get Sam.  I could understand Sam’s frustration at being held back because she was a woman, even though she had qualified to be part of her team just like all the men.  I loved how surprised both Sam and Matt were when they came face-to-face in Dubai, but I wasn’t surprised that their feelings exploded because they had been chat buddies for so long.  I also loved how devious they were at setting their trap and can’t wait to see the results in future books.  I can only hope that Matt and Sam find a way to not only explore their connection together but that they discover the love that the rest of team Zeta have found.  Matt proves that love and friendship can happen when you least expect it and that it can be hot and spicy even when danger surrounds you.

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