MEANT TO BE MINE by Lisa Marie Perry

MEANT TO BE MINE by Lisa Marie Perry
Meant to be Mine
by Lisa Marie Perry

Series: Guilty Pleasures #1
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


I love when I can find new authors to add to my read list and I can say I’m really glad Lisa Marie Perry has been added. Meant to Be Mine is the first book in her new Guilty Pleasures series and oh boy was it just sexy and fun.


Sofia is back in Eaves, Massachusetts for her Aunts funeral and as soon as she pays her respects she is out of there. But there is just one problem in her plan – she wasn’t planning on her Aunt to leave her everything or running into the guy who broke her heart, Burke. Now Sofia is at a crossroads; does she go back to her life and sell everything her Aunt left her or does she return to Eaves and make a new life for herself? I thought Perry did an excellent job of showing how conflicted Sofia really was about what to do, but the time she spent there after the funeral really made her miss being there which I loved.


The tension between Burke and Sofia when they first see each other again is wow! I kept wondering why they weren’t getting along and what happened to make them this way. Thank god Perry went into very detailed information for all the questions that just kept popping up. Each character was written with such passion I couldn’t help but like them. They both had a difficult childhood for two different reasons but even with that difference between them I loved how they just connected and worried about one another. Now that they are “friends” again it’s kind of like they picked up where they left off. Sofia was a very strong character because of everything she went through which made me like her even more. She was a fighter and while she might have minor setbacks she didn’t let them get her down.


The plot was different and it just wowed me. Meant to Be Mine had an emotional feel and some emotional parts but it also carried a lot of humor and fun times. The characters I felt developed the right amount during the story and kept me interested in them and how they were going to work out their love for one another.


Not only did Burke and Sofia stand out but some of the secondary characters did as well and I am hoping some of them will eventually receive their own happily ever after stories. I liked the community that was created and it really stood out from other small town romances. They once didn’t know what to think of Sofia and talked about her condition behind her back and now they are all coming together to help her. It was just great.


Perry brought a fresh new voice to contemporary romance with Meant to Be Mine and honestly I am really looking forward to more of the Guilty Pleasures series and excited to see where it will go.

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