Miami Inferno
by Elle Boon

Series: Miami Nights #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

For as long as she can remember, Angel Rugiero has been in love with Lorenzo Delgado.  At her eighteenth birthday party, Angel is ready to reveal to Lorenzo her true feelings.  But, before she can confess her love to him; Lorenzo breaks her heart in the arms of another woman.


Lorenzo Delgado has known for a long time that Angel Rugiero is his true love; however, with her being a few years his junior, he knows that he must wait until she becomes a woman.  As a result of one foolish act, Lorenzo has shattered Angel’s heart, forcing her to leave town.


Now, five years later, Angel is back home; older, wiser and with a devoted man in her life.  Nevertheless, Lorenzo is determined to reclaim her heart.  Will Lorenzo be able to convince her that his feelings for her are real regardless of what happened on that dreadful night many years ago?


Miami Inferno is a good read that will have your emotions all over the place.  There is heartache, joy, pain, pleasure, secrets, and surprises.  I really want to hate Lorenzo for what he has done to break Angel’s heart; yet, I could not because he is such a loveable character.  But, more so, he proves his worth with his selfless act towards his brother and his need to protect his love ones.  The way that Lorenzo proves his love and devotion to Angel is simply heart-melting and so naughty.  The chemistry between Lorenzo and Angel is steamy hot and the plot is filled with thrilling drama that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat with great anticipation.


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